Welcome to the Molchanovs Movement

Welcome to the Molchanovs Movement

The Molchanovs Movement is a global community of passionate, active freedivers with access to the latest freediving education, freediving training, workouts, badges, challenges, as well as exclusive early access and offers for the world's best freediving gear.


We give all freedivers a home, no matter where you are, what goals you have, what experience you have. Come together on our dashboard, access your education materials, get our weekly Base Trainings, log your badges, find freedivers near you, connect, exchange, train.


Your Freediving education starts with Molchanovs, where you begin your learning through online content written by the best freedivers in the world. You will then be guided through your learning process by instructors with a deep passion for freediving. When you have completed your Wave or Lap course, you will gain access to the Base Training Community, a global freediving community founded on the philosophy and strategies of the legendary Natalia Molchanova.


Freediving is a Lifestyle. Freedivers improve by constant training, and training requires commiunity. Because of this, Molchanovs has created the first ever global freediving program to empower local communites to train like the world's best freedivers.


We are encouraged to stay at home. That doesn’t mean we can’t continue our freediving practice. There is so much we can practice from home that will improve our performance in the water. Let’s embrace this time of solitude to create new routines and ways of living with the Molchanovs community. We're delivering daily content from our community and ambassadors to keep you connected and in training. Get access to all the content that is normally shared exclusively within the Molchanovs Movement. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to join the Molchanovs Movement.


Join the Movement by either taking a Molchanovs Freediving course, or get your skills assessed by one of our Instructors. Click the button below to find out more and join us online, or find an instructor near you!


Every week, the world's top freedivers, such as Alexey Molchanov, Goran Čolak, and Adam Stern, will deliver a WOW - a freediving workout plan in 4 different levels for Pool, Open Water, Dry Training, and Equalization. 


Benchmark Workouts are universial measuring sticks for readiness for the next level, as well as a different way for you to compete and challenge yourself in something other than the pure freediving disciplines. 


Badges recognize milestones in your freediving journey and gives you a fun and approachable way to focus on your next personal acheivement. Some are performance based, such as the Complete Freediver Badge, while others are fun, casual achievements for bragging rights.