Molchanovs Challenge

In the Molchanovs Movement, we have Benchmarks and Badges to have fun and measure our capabilities. However, most of them require water. Due to the current global pandemic, many of us don’t have access to water. So, we wanted to continue challenging ourselves to be better and explore our limits which is why we have created the Online Molchanovs Challenge. For those who are not yet a part of the Molchanovs Movement, you are still welcome and encouraged to participate and earn a Badge on our Leaderboard!

CO2 Jacks

Our new Molchanovs Challenge is here! This time, we're going to test our CO2 tolerance. This challenge is called: CO2 JACKS!

The rules are a little different, so click the button below to learn the rules and see how to participate!

Apnea Squat Challenge

On a breath-hold, complete as many squats as possible! Check out this video here on the rules and how to submit your entry!


Earn a Molchanovs Movement Badge as a team! Form a team of 4 or more and record your attempt. Start your breath-hold at the same time, then perform 5 squats one after the other. Check out the link below for the rules and to see it in action!