Molchanovs Freediving Education

Freediving world champion Natalia Molchanova, who held 42 world records and remains the most titled freediver in the world, created a freediving education system designed to take beginners and, step by step, turn them into elite freedivers.

Natalia’s aspiration was always to strive for safe and efficient freediving by providing a thorough education, guided training, and premium freediving equipment. Everything we create is based on this philosophy and strategy, and we continuously update materials and equipment with the latest developments in education, technology, and scientific research. We are inspired and honored to have had Natalia as our founder. Without her, the Molchanovs Movement would not exist today.


The Molchanovs Freediving Education system includes introductory experiences to freediving, while certification courses cover teach you how to achieve extended breath-holds, longer distances, and deeper depths - all with slow and steady progression and with safety as the priority!

‘Wave’ courses start from Wave 1 - Beginner Freediving and progress all the way to Wave 4 - Competitive Freediving. They include theory, pool, and open water sessions. You earn certification after successfully completing each course.

All Wave courses are also available as ‘Lap’ courses. Lap courses keep the freediving in the pool - you get the same theory and pool requirements as Wave courses, but they don’t include open water sessions. Lap certifications are great for freedivers who are only interested in pool freediving or for those who don’t have access to open water.

You can easily convert a Lap certification to the corresponding Wave certification at a later date by adding the open water sessions with a Molchanovs instructor.


Each Wave / Lap course starts with getting access to the Molchanovs Dashboard, which contains your course materials, Base Training, Base Training +, and your invitation into our freediving community - the Molchanovs Movement.

The theory portion of your course features content from world champion freedivers, including Alexey Molchanov. Theory sessions can be done online through self-study or in person with your Molchanovs instructor. Later, you will learn the practical part of freediving in the pool (Lap and Wave courses) and open water sessions (Wave courses only) led by your instructor, where you will learn how to slowly approach the course requirements with comfort and ease. Your instructor will schedule these sessions and communicate the details with you.

Once your Lap/Wave course is complete, you can continue your freediving journey by joining the Molchanovs Movement. This is a global freediving community where you can share your knowledge, skills, and experiences with other freedivers. You’ll also get access to freediving training programs like Base Training and Base Training +, which help you progress and develop your freediving skills between courses.


You can take your first step into the freediving world by finding a Molchanovs instructor and contacting them HERE. If you're already an instructor who wants to join the growing Molchanovs instructor community, contact one of our Instructor Trainers.

Email us at with any questions or for more information.


Discover Freediving Lap Experience

Experience freediving in the pool for the first time with this introductory adventure. You’ll learn general knowledge of equipment, safety, and finning techniques. In your pool session, you’ll discover how to begin a pool dive, use freediving bifins to swim for distance, and perform a pool turn for longer performances.


Discover Freediving Wave Experience

Dive gently into the world of depth freediving, first by learning about freediving equipment, safety protocols, and how to fin efficiently. Then take your knowledge to the open water by discovering how to equalize your ears at depth, perform a ‘duck dive',' and fin your way to depth in freediving bifins.

Theory 1 - 4

Get started with your freediving without getting wet! You can complete the theory section of any course level online with any of our certified instructors. In this course, you’ll get access to our course manual, online content, and take part in small online classes with a Molchanovs instructor. A Molchanovs instructor will be able to give you direct feedback, cover all our theory sections, go over all relaxation and breathing techniques (so-called “dry skills”) with you and introduce you to your first breath holds. Once finished, you will take an online exam to receive your T-certification. This will grant you access to our Dry Base Training program which is a combination of dry and equalization training to help to improve even when you don’t have access to the water. With this certification, you are well prepared to cover your pool (Lap) and/or open water (Wave) requirements with any Molchanovs instructor.

Competition_CB2_Carbon_Bifins_Nick_Liao Education theory


Lap 1

Students learn the basics of pool freediving and to use relaxation to improve their performances. Topics include the introduction to freediving breathing, finning and no fins techniques, dive visualization, and much more. The course duration is typically 2 days. After completing Lap 1, you may take the depth component to upgrade to Wave 1.


Wave 1

In this introductory course, you learn the basics of freediving and discover your natural freediving ability. You are taught to learn techniques to hold your breath beyond a minute and a half and to do breath-hold dives with and without fins. If you are taking the Wave 1 course, you are also taught to freedive to a depth of 12-20 meters (40-66 feet) in open water.



Lap 2

Students learn to train the specific elements of their body which contributes to larger pool performances. Topics include an introduction to the dolphin kick, mastering no fins, deconcentration, and much more. The course duration is typically 2 days. After completing Lap 2, you may take the depth component to upgrade to Wave 2.


Wave 2

In this advanced course, you learn how to train your body for freediving and how to hold your breath for more than two and a half minutes. If you are taking the Wave 2 course, you master the skills and knowledge needed to freedive comfortably to a depth of 24-30 meters (79-99 feet) in open water, including using gravity on your deeper dives to go into free fall.



Lap 3

Students learn advanced training techniques to improve upon their maximum performances.Topics include technique refinement, advancing individual efficiency, flexibility exercises, and more. The course duration is typically 3-4 days. After completing Lap 3, you may take the depth component to upgrade to Wave 3.


Wave 3

In this advanced course, you learn to equalize below your residual volume to achieve greater depth performances and to hold your breath for over three and a half minutes. If you are taking the Wave 3 course, you are taught how to train in preparation to freedive comfortably to a depth of 34-40m (112-131 feet) in open water.



Lap 4

Students learn to train to improve upon their maximum performances at a competitive level. Topics include pre-competition preparation, mastering long glides and cycle efficiency, advanced flexibility, and more. The course duration is typically 5-7 days. After completing Lap 4, you may take the depth component to upgrade to Wave 4.


Wave 4

In this unique course, you learn the skills and finesse required for competitive freediving. Topics include mastering mouthfill, dealing with pre-competition jitters, and competitive training methodologies. If you are taking the Wave 4 course, you learn how to master your body to freedive to a depth of 50 meters (164 feet) and above in open water.