The Origins of Excellence

Natalia Molchanova and her son, Alexey Molchanov, both successful world champion freedivers and record holders established Molchanovs in 2010.

The result is a joint research program into education and equipment. Based on years of research and development by Natalia, the education system used by the Freediving Federation in Russia produced many expert freedivers.  which is still ongoing to this day.


The aim is to create the highest quality equipment that exceeds the expectations of the very best freedivers in the world. The champions need ergonomic, highly efficient equipment to discover and to push past their limits, which Molchanovs set out to provide.

Today Molchanovs is well established in the freediving community, known not only for quality equipment, but also expertise in freediving training and coaching.


Leadership Team

Alexey Molchanov

Chris Kim

Adam Stern