Aerokinetics: Foundational Breathwork with Alexey Molchanov

Alexey Molchanov, a world champion freediver and co-founder of Molchanovs, has been using breathwork exercises since the beginning of his career. In Aerokinetics: Foundational Breathwork, he will teach you the particular breathwork he used to help him progress with his own record-breaking dives without feeling restricted. Train with purpose with the deepest man in the world and feel enjoyment from your breath-holds.


Aerokinetics: Foundational Breathwork is ideal for every level of freediver and for non-freedivers. Freedivers will learn how to breathe slower, work on body mobility and flexibility of the breathing muscles, and enjoy longer breath-holds, all in a slow and controlled manner and with structured progression.

A few of these benefits include:

- Improved awareness of breathing muscles and the breathing cycle
- Ability to easily detect tension and learn to relax
- Improved general mobility of the upper body
- Increased lung volume


Alexey’s program features 12 videos that run over a 12-week duration. Each workout is about 15 minutes long and should be performed 2 - 3 times per week. They can be performed at any time of the day but should be performed before eating or 1 - 1.5 hours after eating.

Features of Aerokinetics: Foundational Breathwork include:

- Learning how to breathe slowly
- Breath-holds without any movement
- Exercises with movement on full inhale and full exhale breath-holds
- Exercises while breathing to work on the mobility of the shoulders, spine, and torso and flexibility of breathing muscles in the ribcage and diaphragm
- Fully accessible from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or television
- No equipment or buddies are required for this dry training


Aerokinetics: Foundational Breathwork is priced at 40USD and gives you lifetime access to videos and training materials.


Molchanovs Movement members can access Aerokinetics: Foundational Breathwork through Dashboard. Non-Movement members can register and purchase HERE.