Introducing Molchanovs Base Training Plus

By Kristina Zvaritch

Freedivers who are already familiar with Molchanovs Base Training know that it is a program individually crafted for different levels of freedivers that help them progress to better equalization, longer breath-holds and distances in the pool, and deeper depths. While taking a freediving course is the first step on your freediving journey, training between courses is where progress really happens - that is why Base Training was created.

But for freedivers who have specific goals in mind and are committed to their training, we have created Molchanovs Base Training Plus (MBT+).

What is MBT+?

MBT+ features a collection of paid programs created by the top freedivers of today. Each athlete’s program is designed for working on a specific goal, such as STA Challenge with Flo (Florian Dagoury, who is number 2 in the world for his 10’30” breath-hold), with three programs for freedivers who want to reach 3-, 4-, and 5-minute breath-holds. Other programs will include Foundational Breathwork with Alexey Molchanov and Preparation for W1-4 freediving courses with Matt Duvault (each Wave course is a separate program), among others. Stay tuned for more programs!

Why use MBT+ programs?

Have you finished a freediving course but don’t have a buddy to train with? Do you have deeper goals and longer distances or times in mind but do not have an experienced freediver to guide you? Are you wanting to improve in a specific area (equalization, relaxation, etc.) and not sure how to do so? This is exactly why MBT+ was created - to provide freedivers with the resources to achieve distinct targets, focus on specific disciplines, or just genuinely improve their freediving skills. The best part is that each program is designed by top athletes specializing in the areas they teach, such as Adam Stern on equalization and Thibault Guignés on depth. MBT+ helps you eliminate the guesswork, focus your training, and dive with direction from the experts themselves.

How do the MBT+ programs work?

Each program can be purchased from the Dashboard platform, which gives you lifetime access to each program’s videos and any supplementary materials.

Who can access MBT+?

MBT+ programs are only accessible to Molchanovs Movement members. If you are not already a Molchanovs Movement member but certified as a freediver with another agency, you can apply for Base Training Induction Online (BTIO). Your acceptance into the Molchanovs Movement connects you to Molchanovs freedivers from all around the world and gives you access to workouts that are generated weekly for dry, pool, and depth sessions, basic 3-4 week structured programs, Workout Logs, the Instructor Catalog, access to our online freediving content library, and special early-access and offers on Molchanovs gear.

Other questions about MBT+?

For more questions about MBT+, Molchanovs Freediving Training, Base Training, or the Molchanovs Movement itself, please e-mail us at

Join the Molchanovs Movement to access Base Training or visit the Dashboard if you are already a member.

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