STAtic Challenge with Flo

Florian Dagoury, also known as Mr. 10 Minutes for his 10’30” breath-hold, is 2nd in the world in the freediving discipline of static (STA). He created his paid program, STA Challenge with Flo, and is presenting it on the Base Training + platform to share his passion for breath-holding with freedivers. Gain direction in your training and make STA more comfortable and fun from the STA expert himself!

Molchanovs Movement Members

Non-Movement Members


STA Challenges are ideal for every level of freediver and for non-freedivers. Freedivers will benefit from longer breath-holds and more relaxed dives in every discipline, while non-freedivers can enjoy the respiratory, cardiovascular, and mental benefits from breath-hold training.

A few of these benefits include:

- Higher quality of breathing due to a stronger and more flexible diaphragm and intercostal muscles, allowing you to breathe shallower and more efficiently throughout the day
- Increased tolerance to CO2, which slows your heart rate and reduces stress for the rest of the day
- More comfortable freedives by reaching deeper levels of relaxation faster
- Becoming more cardiovascularly fit due to working out the heart muscle


Flo’s programs are divided into three separate challenges: 3-minute, 4-minute, and 5-minute breath-hold goals. Each STA Challenge is designed for incremental improvement, so even if your end goal is 5 minutes of STA, you should still participate in the 3-minute and 4-minute programs first.

Features of each STA Challenge include:

- Theory explaining the science behind the program
- Fully guided breath-hold exercises
- Stretching routines
- Mental techniques
- Fully accessible from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or television
- No equipment or buddies are required for dry training*

*Please note that any training conducted in the water requires a buddy)


Each STA Challenge is priced at 40USD and gives you lifetime access to videos and training materials. 


Molchanovs Movement members can access STA Challenge through Dashboard. Non-Movement members can register and purchase HERE.