Intermediate Freediving Preparation by Matthieu Duvault

Matthieu Duvault, multiple Canadian National Record Holder and Molchanovs W4IT, has been teaching freediving full-time for seven years. He believes that a structured teaching approach will help students aim at mastering the most important points of each level. Because of this, he created Intermediate Freediving Preparation, a paid program on the Base Training + platform, to help students prepare for the Wave 2 course. 

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Intermediate Freediving Preparation is ideal for Wave 1 certified freedivers (or equivalent with another organization) that are considering a Wave 2 course without much access to water.

Benefits of Intermediate Freediving Preparation include:

- Improved chance of success at the Wave 2 course
- Ability to take full advantage of the upcoming Wave 2 course
- A less stressful and more enjoyable experience during the Wave 2 course
- More opportunity to work on equalization and various common trouble points


Intermediate Freediving Preparation is a 4-week program with 4 sessions per week. Each session is between 20 - 30 minutes and features guided exercises for equalization, mobility, diving techniques, and relaxation that you can perform in real-time. Want to get a sneak peek? Click here.

Features of Intermediate Freediving Preparation include:

- Focusing on breathing techniques that include 3-section control, visualization, and full and empty lung exercises
- Practicing CO tolerance with a better understanding of the urge to breathe and controlling it without discomfort
- Working on shoulder, ankle, hip, pelvis, and spine mobility
- Reviewing control over equalization technique
- Analyzing videos and practicing exercises for DYNB, DNF, FIM, CWTB, and CNF
- Fully accessible from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or television
- No equipment or buddies are required 


Intermediate Freediving Preparation is priced at 100USD. Molchanovs Instructors and Movement Members with BT access receive 20% discount, and can purchase the program for 80USD.
Purchase includes lifetime access to videos and training materials.


Molchanovs Movement members with access to Base Training can purchase Intermediate Freediving Preparation through Dashboard. Non-Movement members can register to purchase here.