SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维
SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维
SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维
SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维
SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维
SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维
SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维
SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维
SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维
SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维
SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维
SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维
SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维

SPORT 双鳍板 3 玻璃纤维

借助长玻璃纤维刀片的强大力量和 SPORT 硅胶脚袋的舒适性,让您轻松有效地踢球。


The Molchanovs SPORT Bifins 3 Fiberglass - long bifins for freedivers who want high-quality fiberglass blades paired with standard-size SPORT Silicone Foot Pockets. Designed for freedivers who train, teach, and fun dive in the pool and open water. The fiberglass blades feature an updated blade layering pattern for more low-effort, high-propulsion finning. Anatomical silicone foot pockets make comfort a priority, along with rigid stabilizers for control over every kick and a unique energy transfer system for extra power in each movement.

Premium fiberglass blades
Premium 100% UHC fiberglass has been updated with an improved blade-layering process for low-effort and high-propulsion finning, making each movement you make an economical one. Now with an updated blade-layering process and size-graded stiffness to match blade length with resistance - soft blades are a little shorter for maneuverability and stiffer blades are longer for more balanced propulsion.

Anatomical foot pockets
Open-heel straps give you the freedom to flex your feet and fully extend your toes, while arch support keeps your feet in the optimal position for finning.

Rigid stabilizers
The stabilizers on each side of the foot pocket are thick and firmly enclose the blade and water rails, providing you stability and full control over each kick - regardless of ankle strength.

Innovative foot pocket attachment
The shape and attachment of the foot pocket to the blade creates a unique energy transfer system. With each kick, the silicone under the upper mounting plate compresses, sending an energetic transfer of force from foot to blade. The placement of the foot pocket also fixes your toes around the blade angle, streamlining every kick.

Easy assembly
Assembling the foot pockets to the blades takes only minutes, making it easier than ever to switch to a new pair of foot pockets or upgrade to a new blade.

Traveling with bifins becomes effortless, whether you want to tuck in the open heel strap to place into a case or fully disassemble the bifins and pack blades and foot pockets separately.

Minimalistic design
The new design is sporty and fierce while keeping the signature Molchanovs minimalism and style. Fiberglass blades are glossy black - choose from 6 bold accent colors.

◦ Materials:

  • Premium 100% UHC fiberglass
  • Hypoallergenic and UV-resistant silicone
  • Plastic mounting plates to mount the blade

◦ Improved blade-layering system for more propulsion with less effort
◦ Smoother and more gradual blade angle for added durability
 Size-graded blade stiffness ensures that the blade’s length matches its resistance

  • Soft: Reduced blade length for effortless maneuverability
  • Medium: Extended blade length for balanced propulsion

◦ SPORT Silicone Foot Pockets:

  • Hypoallergenic and UV-resistant silicone
  • Open-heel design for maximum ankle flexibility
  • Anatomical shape of the heel strap for maximum support and a comfortable fit
  • Arch support for optimal foot positioning
  • Unique attachment system for additional support and better energy transfer from foot to blade
  • Rigid stabilizers for full control over each kick and movement

Technical specifications

◦ Stiffness:

  • Soft
  • Medium

◦ Foot Pocket Angle: 28°
◦ Blade Length (from angle to tip):

  • Soft: 62cm (24.4in)
  • Medium: 64cm (25.2in)

◦ Weight (one pair of fins): 1.7 - 2kg (3.7 - 4.4lb)
◦ Sizes:

  • 34 - 35
  • 36 - 37
  • 38 - 39
  • 40 - 41
  • 42 - 43
  • 44 - 45

◦ SPORT Silicone Foot Pocket Color: Black
◦ Blade Accent Colors: Black, Blue, Teal, White, Gold, and Pink

SPORT 硅胶脚袋 + SPORT 双鳍 3 片玻璃纤维桨叶

这些说明用于将 SPORT 硅胶脚袋组装到 SPORT Bifins 3 玻璃纤维叶片上。


  • 莫尔查诺夫左右玻璃纤维叶片
  • 左右两侧运动型硅胶脚袋
  • 每个脚袋 2 个螺丝(共 4 个)
  • 上、下安装
  • 十字螺丝刀


  1. 将左右脚袋与相应的刀片相匹配(每个刀片的背面都有标记)。
  2. 将刀片轻轻插入脚袋前部的插槽并穿过侧面加固装置,确认其插入正确且平稳滑入而不费力。
  3. 小心地调整刀片的位置以对齐刀片,直到刀片的安装孔与脚袋上的安装孔相匹配。
  4. 将上部安装板放置在脚袋的脚趾部分上方,确认其适合所提供的空间。
  5. 开始用手将螺丝拧入下部安装板的孔中。
  6. 将下部安装板放在刀片上方,使其与上部安装板和孔对齐。使用十字头螺丝刀以均匀的压力顺时针方向拧紧螺丝。
  7. 注意:请将螺丝拧紧,但不要拧得太紧,否则可能会损坏螺纹或损坏刀片。当您感觉到适度阻力时,请停止。

All equipment should be rinsed in fresh water after use and placed out of direct sunlight and heat. Do not place heavy objects on top of the blades and avoid placing the blades near sharp objects. For more information, please see how to care for your freediving bifins and monofin here. Additionally, see how to travel with your bifins and monofin here.

A 1-year limited warranty applies. Please note that defects or damage to the equipment caused by improper/incorrect use or insufficient/improper maintenance and product care will render our warranty policy null and void.

Production time
If the product is currently in stock, it will be sent out to you within 2-5 business days. If the product is out of stock, we will contact you by e-mail to inform you about possible delays. If you order this product along with another product that has a longer production time, you entire order will be shipped with all of the items together once the product with the longest production time is ready.

Shipping and returns
See the Shipping and Returns section of the FAQ here.

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