Choosing Monofin Blade Size and Stiffness

The difference between the size in monofin blades is that 2 blade has an extra 2cm (0.8in) of width and height. Smaller women and men can choose to go with the smaller blade for more ease of use.

Soft: Suitable for all women, for athletes with excellent straight-leg monofin technique, and for men who want to use the monofin for training and performance with the straight-leg technique. Softer monofin blades are more economic in terms of energy consumption, although it mostly remains a preference among freedivers whether to choose a soft or medium stiffness.

Medium: Can be suitable for freedivers who use the front-kicking monofin technique and prefer more powerful kicks. Freedivers with more strength can also use this stiffness for the straight-leg monofin technique.

Hard: Can be suitable for sprints and for front-kicking monofin technique. Can also be suitable for mid-range depth dives for those who prefer a stiff blade.