Measurement Guide & Care Instructions

Measurement Guides

See our choosing bifin stiffness guide here.

To choose the right standard size for foot pockets, please, follow the measuring guide below.

If none of the above standard sizes doesn't suit you, we suggest taking custom foot pockets. Please, follow the guide below to measure your feet correctly.

Desired Fit Guide

The desired fit determines the tightness of the foot pockets. Three options are available:
Comfort: Ideal for recreational dives and long training sessions. If you intend to put them on for long periods of time, choose this option. Comfortable for about 2 hours of wear.
Normal: A medium tightness, ideal for focused training sessions and competitions. Comfortable for about 1 hour of wear.
Sport: The tightest fit available, maximizing power transfer, especially for competition dives. Suitable for about 30 minutes of wear.

Care Instructions

All equipment should be rinsed in fresh water and placed out of direct sunlight and heat. Do not place heavy objects on top of the bifins. For more information, please see how to care for your freediving bifins and monofin and how to travel with them. A 1-year limited warranty applies.