Maria 'Wei' Zosa

Maria Noella Zosa is the number one ranked Freediver in the Philippines for the women’s division. She has been diving since 2016 and has blazed her way to the top of the national leaderboards. Through her various achievements, she has paved the way for the development of freediving as a sport in the country.

Maria has garnered a number of national records from multiple disciplines and currently holds the record for CWT-B and FIM. Her strength comes from being a multi-dimensional athlete, possessing a mastery of all disciplines. Yoga has been a key element in her style of freediving and has passionately shared its benefits in Adam Stern’s Deep Week. She has trained under the tutelage of many top athletes in the world including the top man himself Alexey Molchanov and shares this growing pool of knowledge as an Instructor Trainer for the Molchanovs System.

The success she has achieved has caught the eye of the main stream media and has been featured in a local TV show called Matanglawin. Her growing influence has attracted many brands and she currently works with brands such as Molchanovs to bring people the best valued equipment available.