Monofin Blade Protection
Monofin Blade Protection
Monofin Blade Protection
Monofin Blade Protection

Monofin Blade Protection

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The days of worrying about traveling in a car or on a plane with a monofin are far behind us. Introducing the Molchanovs Monofin Protection: ultra-light protection at an ultra-affordable price.

The Monofin Protection is a removable protective tip for monofins, enclosing the fragile blade between two lightweight polycarbonate sheets and fastened together with compact Velcro straps.

The Monofin Protection is reinforced against impact, especially during transport and potential bending of the blade. It is also water resistant, which means you can place it on a monofin directly after rinsing without sustaining any damage to the cover.

The Monofin Protection is suitable for mass-produced monofins from any company, but if your monofin is customized to you, please check the dimensions before purchasing.

The Monofin Protection fits like a glove inside our lightweight or semihard monofin bags for added protection.

Details and Materials

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Compact Velcro straps for attaching the monofin protector to the monofin

Technical specifications

  • Material: Oxford fabric covering polycarbonate sheets
  • Dimensions: 71x32cm
  • Weight: 760 grams
  • Color: Black with white Molchanovs logo