Cyprus Freediving Stories: The Line
In this 3rd article of our Cyprus Freediving Stories blog series, we take a look at one of the earlier days of Freediving competitions where protocols and safety checks were overlooked. These incidents were instrumental in the revamp of freediving safety procedures, driven by demands from athletes for safer diving conditions and extreme care taken in the setup of the dive lines.
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Cyprus freediving stories: The first international competition of Natalia Molchanova

In four weeks, on September 20, 2021, in Limassol, Cyprus, the 27th AIDA World Championship will commence.
Thanks to your support and to the attention you gave to our reporting of the Belgrade Championship and Vertical Blue 2021, we are planning to report on every day of the AIDA World Championship. Additionally, for an even deeper immersion into the subject of freediving competitions, every week before the Championship, we will tell you a story that took place in Cyprus when the history of freediving had just begun.

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Alexey Molchanov Takes the CORE Silicone Bifins to 100m and 102m
It was a sunny day with clear skies on May 14, 2021, at the AIDA Freediving World Cup in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. At 12:10pm local time, Alexey Molchanov plunged into the Red Sea with the new CORE Silicone Bifins in blue, touched down at 100m (328ft), and returned to the surface after 3 minutes and 57 seconds with a white tag in his hand. Alexey has just proven that the new softer, silicone training bifins he designed specifically for developing technique retain plenty of power and efficiency, even for deep depth performances.
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