Top 10 Gifts for Freedivers

Top 10 Gifts for Freedivers
By Kristina Zvaritch

The holiday season is approaching us faster than a bottom weight sinking to the ocean floor! Do you know what you’re getting your freediving buddy this year?

Let’s make sure we’re clear - freedivers want nothing more than a clear sky, calm water, and a reliable freediving buddy for the holidays. But when you’re landlocked (or just don’t have time for a vacation) and have to buy them an actual gift - we have the ultimate list for you!

Check out our top 10 gifts for freedivers below and give your buddy something they can take with them on their adventures below the surface!

CORE Silicone Bifins

There’s nothing quite like the Molchanovs CORE Silicone Bifins on the market, which are designed specifically for developing and perfecting symmetrical bifin technique in comfort. They’re the perfect first-time fins for beginners, ideal for intermediate and advanced freedivers to train bifin technique, and also excellent for fun diving anywhere and everywhere. And with 4 vibrant colors to choose from, you can’t really go wrong!

CORE Freediving Mask and Snorkel

Freedivers of all levels can’t use just any diving mask - they need one that’s low-volume, comfortable, and super stylish, of course! Same with a snorkel - the typical snorkeling snorkel just won’t do. Save your freediving friend from a world of disappointment by getting them the ultimate freediving mask and snorkel set, the Molchanovs CORE Freediving Mask and Snorkel Bundle, in 4 bold colors.

P.S. The mask/snorkel colors match each CORE Silicone Bifin color - get your freediving friend the whole set if they’re not on the naughty list!

SPORT Wetsuit

Molchanovs SPORT Wetsuits are perfect for training, fun diving, and looking fabulous in underwater photos! In fact, you don’t even have to be a freediver to fully enjoy them - they’re great for surfing, snorkeling, wakeboarding, and other water sports. And they come in all the linings - outside-lined for cooler waters, inside-lined for more glide, and double-lined for more durability.

BT+ Programs

Freedivers who don’t have access to open water or a pool can still keep up with their training. In fact, Molchanovs Base Training + programs are targeted dry and/or pool training programs made by top freedivers who are experts in their discipline. Each program contains videos with step-by-step instructions, guided workouts, stretches, and tips to smash those freediving goals!

A6063x Nose Clip

While nose clips make you streamlined and change the way you dive for the better, every freediver knows there’s nothing worse than a leaky nose clip! Enter the Molchanovs A6063x Nose Clip - the aerospace aluminum alloy nose clip with a non-slip grip, secure fit, and invisible feel. This nose clip is ideal for any freediver who already uses a nose clip or intermediate freedivers who are ready to plunge into nose clip-diving for the first time.

PRO Freediving Lanyard 2

Nothing says you truly care quite like the Molchanovs PRO Freediving Lanyard 2 for a depth-loving freediver. Freediving lanyards are non-negotiable in open water and keep freedivers attached to the line for safety on their dives. And you just can’t beat the streamlined fit, premium build, and sleek design of a Molchanovs lanyard.

Gear Bag

How is your freediving buddy traveling with their gear? Whether they’re traveling to the pool in the city on weekends or embarking on an international flight to Egypt for a training holiday, there’s a perfect gear bag for every situation.

Short Bifins Backpack

The compact backpack for compact fins, the Molchanovs Short Bifins Backpack gives freedivers with short fins the gift of effortless transit, clever internal organization, and a convertible design that suits all carrying positions.

Lightweight Bifins Bag

Keeping long bifins and other freediving gear sorted while commuting to dive sites is easier than ever with the Molchanovs Lightweight Bifins Bag 3! It packs small in a suitcase but is surprisingly roomy on the inside, making a trip on a car, train, or boat to a freediving spot fabulously convenient.

Lightweight Monofin Bag

Freedivers can move effortlessly with the Lightweight Monofin Bag 3, even with a bulky monofin. Sturdy fabric, a super spacious interior that fits both a monofin and bifins (plus more!), and a top-zipper design allow freedivers to travel light to their next adventure.

Semihard Monofin Bag

For freedivers who need a bit more sturdiness for their precious monofins, the Semihard Monofin Bag 2 is a must-have! Heavy-duty side handles, backpack-style straps, water-resistant fabric, and removable protective plastic inserts keep a single monofin or two pairs of bifins (plus other freediving essentials) safe and sound in transit.

Hard Case

Traveling on airplanes with monofins seemed almost physically impossible - that is until the Molchanovs Hard Case entered the market. With 360° spinner wheels, a 100-liter capacity, a dedicated monofin section, it has the ability to fit a monofin, bifins, and so much more freediving gear. Your freediving friend may literally cry tears of joy at how easy it is to fit so much gear in one case and have it fully protected in transit.

EQ Trainer 2

Small but mighty - the Molchanovs EQ Trainer 2 is the most powerful freediving tool that fits in a pants pocket! This tiny piece of gear helps freedivers learn and train Frenzel equalization, mouthfill technique, and reverse packing anywhere and everywhere with adjustable airflow and single-handed use. Plus, it comes with video step-by-step instructions on how to use it and the top 5 exercises.


Freedivers don’t just wear any old swimsuit under their wetsuits (or in the pool by itself for pool training). They need quick-drying and pilling-resistant fabric, a sporty fit that doesn’t bunch up under wetsuits, and a sleek design for training photos/videos. In other words, they need a Molchanovs swimsuit - swimwear designed with the freediving body in mind.

Freediving course

And last (but definitely not least), the gift of a freediving course might just be the best gift to get! Whether it’s for a soon-to-be freediver that’s ready to launch into the Lap/Wave 1 - Beginner Freediving course, advanced freedivers who want to level up to competitive freediving, or something in between, you just can’t go wrong with gifting a freediving experience.

To give that very special gift, click HERE to find a Molchanovs instructor in your friend’s area (guess what - they’re all over the world!) and reach out directly to them to buy a gift card.

And remember - no matter what gift you’re giving your freediving friend this holiday season, remind them to stay safe this holiday season (and every other season) by never diving alone and always with a qualified buddy!

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