AIDA Korea National Championship 2023 Concludes

AIDA Korea National Championship 2023 Concludes

Asya Kleschevnikova, Head of Sales & Customer Service

Jeju, South Korea, 9 April 2023 - The AIDA Korea National Championship 2023 has concluded, and the results are in. This year’s and last year’s editions of the national championship were held at Jeju Stadium Indoor Pool, the same venue that will host the AIDA World Championship in June 2023.

This year’s AIDA Korea National Championship, which featured Molchanovs as one of its sponsors, was the largest freediving event held in South Korea to date. It included 80 athletes, 22 staff members, 23 safeties, and 24 judges, and spanned over 2 days. AIDA Korea President Helena Rim organized the event in the hope of providing a world-class environment for Korea’s ambitious athletes and for the general advancement of indoor competitions in Korea.

AIDA Korea National Championship 2023: Jeju Stadium Indoor PoolJeju Stadium Indoor Pool

Athletes competed in Static, Dynamic, Dynamic with Bifins, and Dynamic with No Fins, and four new AIDA Korean National Records were awarded to male athletes. See the new national records, results by discipline, and overall winners below.

Competition results

New Korean National Records

STA - Gimun Kwak - 7’46”
DYN - Hakyong Kim (KOR) - 250m/820ft
DYNB - Hakyong Kim (KOR) - 226m/741ft
DNF - Hakyong Kim (KOR) - 150m/492ft

Overall winners

Male - Hakyong Kim (KOR) - 313 points
Female - Seunga Pi (KOR) - 268.9 points

To see the full list of results, see AIDA’s Event Results page on the competition.

All athletes who placed in the top 3 of each discipline will be given the chance to participate in this year’s 30th AIDA World Championship in June. The next AIDA Korea National Championship will be held in early 2024.

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