Press Release - Molchanovs Athletes Set 3 New World Records at Croatian Pool Freediving National Championships

Alisa Root, Head of Marketing & Operations


Molchanovs Athletes Set 3 New World Records at Croatian Pool Freediving National Championships

Sisak, Croatia, 28 March 2021 - Molchanovs ambassadors Budimir Buda Šobat and Mirela Kardašević both set three new world records in freediving pool disciplines at the Croatian Pool Freediving National Championships.

The Croatian Pool Freediving National Championships were held in Sisak, Croatia over a period of two days. Croatian national Budimir Buda Šobat set the Guinness World Record for oxygen-assisted static breath-hold with a performance of 24 minutes 33 seconds. Croatian national Mirela Kardašević set two women’s CMAS world records with a 231m/758ft Dynamic with Bifins (DYN-BF) performance and a 206m/676ft Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) performance. Both athletes are Molchanovs ambassadors.

At 54 years old, Budimir Buda Šobat beat his previous record by two minutes. He spent the previous three months training for this attempt. Before his performance, he breathed pure oxygen for a few minutes, but found that he had some difficulty breathing. During the performance he lost some air from his cheeks, which he found disturbing, but continued on to receive the white card from the judge. Budimir was wearing a 5mm open cell Molchanovs wetsuit and using a Molchanovs nose clip for his world record performance.

Both of Mirela Kardašević‘s DYN-BF and DYN records were performed with dives that lasted almost four minutes. She was sick just one month before the performance and did not feel good in the water, but set her goal to performing as best as she could no matter what. “My dive felt very nice, I truly enjoyed it. I was focusing only on good things during the dive,” said Mirela. She was wearing a Molchanovs 1mm Women’s Performance - Hooded wetsuit for both of her records and a pair of Molchanovs CB2 Carbon bifins for her DYN-BF performance.

Our mission at Molchanovs is to share our love of freediving with the world. We do this by cultivating the level of knowledge and skill of all freedivers, by building global and local communities that fuel passion for freediving, and by developing gear that provides the best freediving experience possible.

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