Molchanovs Wave Instructor Trainer (W3IT) Application & Requirements

W3IT Application

To move forward we will need a formal application from you, containing:

  • Personal CV
  • Copy of all currently active certifications (of all agencies)
  • Motivational letter: Why become a Molchanovs IT
  • Description of your business case and how we can help
  • List of reference(s) (min. 1 person): Preferably including a senior Molchanovs Instructor Trainer or a generally known person in the Freediving industry that the board can get in touch with for a background check

The Molchanovs Education Board will hold a vote on each candidate that has submitted a complete application and met the criteria as outlined. The majority of the board must be in favour for the candidate without a veto. With the approval by the education board, a candidate is allowed to join any upcoming Molchanovs Instructor Trainer Course.


Successful candidates will be activated as Molchanovs IT when they have passed the following additional requirements:

  • Have assisted min. one complete Molchanovs Instructor Course or Molchanovs Instructor Crossover Course
  • Have passed performance requirements on W3I level*

*If not already certified as W3I

Pre-ITC Preparation

Before the start of the ITC, all candidates must

  • Read all W1-3 manuals (english)
  • Completed the W1-3 exams for personal testing
  • Pass the W2I Entry Exam
  • Review the IC Dropbox (incl. IC slide set or handout and all instructor paperwork) (english)
  • Pass the W2I Final Exam
  • Review IT Standards
  • Prepare a 5min marketing presentation about their freediving operation (english)