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'Tis the season to be diving!

2021 Christmas Gift Ideas for Freedivers

Show the freediver in your life how much you care for them this holiday season! We made gift-giving super simple this year - simply pick the category your lucky freediver belongs to and see what gifts you (or Santa) has in store for them!

Are you dreaming of a blue Christmas, yet?


Sometimes the most useful freediving Christmas gifts come in the smallest packages! Check out our selection of accessories small enough to stuff into a stocking below.

Silicone Grease

For freedivers who wear their fins with bare feet, Silicone Grease is a must! Prevent chafing and blisters, and stop struggling to put on those snug-fitting fins. Hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

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CORE Mask and Snorkel Bundle

Gift the perfect mask and snorkel, ideal for freedivers of every level: the. Low-volume meets a snug fit and gives the wearer a wide range of crystal-clear vision underwater. Paired with a classic freediving snorkel.

Shop CORE Mask and Snorkel Bundle

A6303 Noseclip and EQ Trainer Bundle

Give the gift of hands-free equalization and a stronger technique with the A6063 Noseclip and EQ Trainer Bundle! Stretch, strengthen, and train your glottis and soft palate muscles even when water is miles away!

Shop A6303 Noseclip and EQ Trainer Bundle


For the man in your life that has been extra good this year, discover our “For Him” selection of Christmas gift ideas for freedivers below and make his holidays merry and bright!

Icon Tee

Show off your love of freediving above the water with the Men’s Icon Tee. 100% lightweight premium cotton paired with high-quality stitching make this shirt both comfortable and durable. Available in 4 bold colors.

Shop Men's Icon Tee

Swim Briefs

The Men’s Swim Brief is designed to fit you like a second skin, whether you wear it by itself for your pool performances or underneath a wetsuit. Devoted to durability and comfort, with a sleek, professional look.

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Zip-up Tech Hoodie and Tech Pants

Nothing beats the gift of comfort and style with the Zip-up Tech Hoodie and Tech Pants combination! Designed to mimic our favorite wetsuit, so that you can feel as at home above the water as you do below.

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Tech Pants


When the woman in your life prefers freediving gear over all other gifts, we have you covered! Explore our “For Her” Christmas gift selection and watch her eyes light up.

Icon Tee

Wrap your loved one in comfort this holiday season! 100% lightweight premium cotton and a flattering silhouette make up the Women’s Icon Tee: the perfect shirt for relaxing at home or going out to the city. Pick from 6 soft colors to brighten up your wardrobe.

Shop Women's Icon Tee

One- and Two-Piece Swimsuits

For the freediver in your life that loves breathable swimsuits with a sporty cut, gift her the Cross-Tie Back One-Piece or the Cross-Tie Back Bikini Top paired with the Classic Bikini Bottom. Perfect for underneath a wetsuit or by itself in the pool.

Shop One-Piece, Bikini Top and Bikini Bottom

Zip-up Tech Hoodie and Tech Pants

Nothing beats the gift of comfort and freedom. With side panels to give you ventilation and an anatomical cut that is modeled after our wetsuits, the Zip-up Tech Hoodie and Tech Pants are perfect for dry training or roaming city streets.

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Tech Pants


For the seasoned competitors and the budding athletes who desire performance, we present to you the best Christmas gift ideas for freedivers from our Competitive Line!

PRO Freediving Lanyard 2

Dive with peace of mind with the PRO Freediving Lanyard 2. Designed for less friction and more streamlining with a nylon-coated casing and a Kong KeyLock connector to reduce sharp edges and snagging. Keep your buddy safe!

Shop PRO Freediving Lanyard 2

PRO Wetsuit

Give the gift of performance this holiday season! Competition Line wetsuits features premium neoprene for optimal flexibility and a smooth SCS layer for an effortless glide. Available in Hooded, Hoodless, and Sleeveless variants.

Shop Pro Wetsuits

CB2x Carbon

Records were made to be broken, especially with the CB2x Carbon. Tailor your footpocket to your foot, your blade cut to your body, and your blade color to your personality, and feel record-breaking efficiency at your feet.

Shop CB2x Carbon


For the special buddy who keeps you safe, help them streamline their training sessions, finning technique, and travel gear this holiday season with our selection of gifts below.

Lightweight Bag 2

For the freediver that needs the perfect bag for short-distance travel to the pool or sandy shores, gift them the Lightweight Bifin Bag 2 and Lightweight Monofin Bag 2. Effortlessly transport your precious gear in style.

Shop Lightweight Bifin Bag 2 and Lightweight Monofin Bag 2

A6061 Rope Pulley

Make your training sessions safer and more efficient! Introduce your training buddy to the A6061 Rope Pulley, made with a new minimalistic design and nylon 9 wheels to create less friction when pulling up the line. Designed for dive lines 8 - 12mm in diameter

Shop A6061 Rope Pulley

CORE Silicone Bifins

Perfect your symmetrical kicking technique with the CORE Silicone Bifins and reap the rewards that come with it. Anatomically designed with freediving in mind, these revolutionary fins teach the art of efficiency, the perfect gift for freedivers who are serious about training.

Shop CORE Silicone Bifins


If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a freediver who spends a lot a time on the road, check out our protective accessories and travel-friendly gear below.

Blade Protection

For the traveling freediver that needs protection on-the-go, gift them the Bifin Blade Protection or Monofin Blade Protection! Ultra-light protection to reinforce your beloved blades against impact, especially in transit.

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Hard Case

A 100-liter Hard Case on four wheels that fits all of your gear...and even a monofin? Say hello to to the perfect companion for your freediver’s next training trip. Quality, protection, style, and love at first sight.

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PRO Short Bifins 2

Forget the struggle of packing long fins and welcome this new addition to your freediving gear bag: the PRO Short Bifins 2! Ideal for travel and perfect for training, with all the power you love in a smaller package.

Shop PRO Short Bifins 2

The Gift that Keeps on Giving