10th AIDA Tyrolean Apnea Cup / Austrian Championship Concludes

10th AIDA Tyrolean Apnea Cup / Austrian Championship Concludes

Asya Kleschevnikova, Head of Sales & Customer Service

Innsbruck, Austria, 3 March 2023 - The 10th AIDA Tyrolean Apnea Cup / Austrian Championship has concluded and the results are in. The 10th AIDA Tyrolean Apnea Cup took place in the picturesque 25m USI Innsbruck swimming pool located 550m above sea level, complete with an impressive view of the Austrian Alps.

The first Tyrolean Apnea Cup took place in February 2013 and was created by Wolfgang Hagleitner from www.alpnoe.org. This competition allows AIDA Austria to discover and build a team of talented athletes since there is not currently an AIDA Austrian team. Austrian freedivers are welcome to participate in these competitions as traveling and competing in world championship events can be too costly.

This year, 24 athletes gathered from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic to compete in STA and DNF.


The winners in each discipline are as follows:


1st place - Roland Rogenmoser (CHE) - 6’57”
2nd place - Patrick Thuemmler (DEU) - 6’39”
3rd place - André Grabs (DEU) - 6’01”

1st place - Heike Schwerdtner (DEU) - 7’46”
2nd place - Magdalena Solich-Talanda (POL) - 6’15”
3rd place - Veronika Stedrova (CZE) - 4’23”


1st place - André Grabs (DEU) - 156m/512ft
2nd place - Patrick Thuemmler (DEU) - 137m/449ft
3rd place - Peter Colat (CHE) - 130m/427ft

1st place - Magdalena Solich-Talanda (POL) 196m/643ft
2nd place - Heike Schwerdtner (DEU) - 150m/492ft
3rd place - Romina Niedermann (CHE) - 100m/328ft


André Grabs (DEU) - 150.2 points
Magdalena Solich-Talanda (POL) - 173 points

Both overall winners received a 200USD voucher for Molchanovs gear. See more photos from the competition on AIDA Austria’s Instagram.

Future competitions in Austria in 2023

If athletes would like to participate in another competition in Austria, Molchanovs will also be providing support for the following events:

Cool Down

Type: Lake Depth
Date: 12 August 2023 (or 19 August 2023)
Location: Achensee, Tirol

AIDA Hydro Dynamic 2023

Type: Pool
Date: 21 - 22 November 2023
Location: Maria Enzersdorf, Austria

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