The Croatian Open Cup Pool Competition Sees 2 New Croatian National Records

The Croatian Open Cup Pool Competition Sees 2 New Croatian National Records
Asya Kleschevnikova, Head of Sales & Customer Service

Zagreb, Croatia, 1 May 2024 - The 16th edition of the Croatian Open Cup pool competition, held from May 17 - 19 in Zagreb, produced two new Croatian CMAS National Records in the Speed Apnea 4x50 discipline.

The CMAS competition took place in the prestigious Bazen Utrina, the first enclosed Olympic swimming pool in Zagreb. With 41 athletes, including 6 newcomers to the competitive freediving world, 2 new Croatian CMAS National Records were set, and six athletes qualified to participate in this year’s upcoming CMAS World Freediving Indoor Championship in Belgrade, Serbia.

New CMAS Croatian National Records in Speed Apnea 4x50

Vanja Peleš (RK Submania) - 1:49.96
Valentina Cafolla (RK Submania) - 1:53.62

Athletes who qualified for the 14th CMAS World Freediving Indoor Championship 2024

Mirela Kardašević (DPS Zagreb)
Goran Čolak (DPS Zagreb)
Enes Ćerimagić (RK Geronimo)
Vanja Peleš (RK Submania)
Hrvoje Škorić (RK Submania)
Boris Milošić (RK Split)

Best overall male and female competitors and Molchanovs equipment voucher recipients

Boris Milošić (RK Split)
Mirela Kardašević (DPS Zagreb)

Submania member Valentina Cafolla also qualified for the World Championship at a recent competition.

Click here to view the full list of results on Submania’s website.

Submania sets high standards in its pool competitions. This edition of the Croatian Open Cup included eight safety divers, two on-site doctors, and two oxygen tanks (one for each pool lane). They also notified the local police and ambulance of the competition schedule. Additionally, they provided lunch for athletes after their performances and hosted a special reception at the end of the competition, which included food and drinks for athletes, staff, judges, and friends.

The main organizer of the event, Mihael Salopek, who also set his own static personal best in the competition, mentioned that “the most beautiful thing was the smiles on the faces of the competitors, of which there were many, especially their satisfaction with the organization of the competition. And of course, the most enjoyable is the socializing after the competition.”

Submania plans on hosting a spearfishing competition later in 2024 on the island of Pašman. Additionally, they aim to expand their freediving competitions in 2025, with a focus on attracting more international participants from neighboring countries such as Hungary, Italy, and Serbia. In the meantime, Submania will organize several trips and freediving courses in the coming summer months.



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