It’s Raining Records at the Camotes Freediving Challenge and CMAS World Cup Philippines 2024

It’s Raining Records at the Camotes Freediving Challenge and CMAS World Cup Philippines 2024
Asya Kleschevnikova, Head of Sales & Customer Service

Camotes Island, San Francisco, Philippines, 28 May 2024 - The Camotes Freediving Challenge 2024 and CMAS World Cup Philippines 2024, both held by Thibault Guignés’s Camotes Freediving, were littered with new CMAS National and World Records.

Camotes Freediving Challenge 2024

Camotes Freediving’s second edition of the Camotes Freediving Challenge was held on April 17 - 23, 2024. With 4 competition days and 21 athletes from across the globe, this CMAS competition saw 84 dives in total, resulting in 63 white cards, 13 yellow cards, and 8 red cards.

New Records

CMAS FIM World Record - Alessia Zecchini (ITA) with 104m (341ft)
CMAS Masters (M1) CWT World Record - Helena Bourdillon (GBR) with 68m (223ft)

An additional 44 CMAS National Records were set for 8 countries.

Support and Sponsorship

Competition support was provided by Freedive Superhome judges. Additionally, this was the second year Molchanovs provided vouchers for the overall winners. Other supporters of the competition included Octopus Freediving, the Department of Tourism, and the Municipality of San Francisco.

Overall Winners


1st place - Alessia Zecchini (ITA)
2nd place - Patricia Paige Ong (SGP)
3rd place - Jung A Kim (KOR)


1st place - Dean Sevellino (PHL)
2nd place - Marion Sumalinog (PHL)
3rd place - Jayson Ramirez (PHL)

Less than a month later, Camotes Freediving held the CMAS World Cup Philippines 2024.

CMAS World Cup Philippines 2024

The CMAS World Cup Philippines 2024 took place on May 15 - 18, 2024, with top athletes like Alexey Molchanov, Marianna Krupnitskaia, competition organizer Thibault Guignés, and Michelle Ooi, to name a few. Overall, 26 athletes enjoyed sunny weather and ideal sea conditions.

It was also the competition where Alexey Molchanov impressed the audience with an incredible dive to 90m (295ft) in the Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) category. But this isn’t all - Alexey is continuing to compete at the AIDA Asian Freediving Cup 2024, where he has already earned a white card for his 99m (325ft) CNF dive on the 2nd competition day. It’s clear that his sights are set on something very specific this 2024 competition season!

New Records

CMAS Masters (M3) FIM World Record - Helen Allison (AUS) 50m (164ft)
CMAS Masters (M3) CWT World Record - Helen Allison (AUS) 50m (164ft)
CMAS Masters (M3) CWTB World Record - Helen Allison (AUS) 51m (167ft)

Athletes also set 35 new CMAS National Records for their countries, including a new French CMAS National Record set by competition organizer Thibault Guignés to 120m (394ft) in FIM.

Overall Winners


1st place - Marianna Krupnitskaia (FRA)
2nd place - Christin Gerstorfer (AUT)
3rd place - Jade Macdonald-Razvi (AUS)


1st place - Francisco Quesada (ESP)
2nd place - Yaqoub Ben jabal (KWT)
3rd place - Kim Dahlgren (SWE)

Support and Sponsorship

Molchanovs was the exclusive sponsor of the CMAS World Cup Philippines 2024, providing the recently-released SPORT Bifins 3 Fiberglass, masks, snorkels, and weight belts, and prizes for the overall winners. Additionally, World Champion Alexey Molchanov held a free workshop for all competitors and staff.

Stay tuned by clicking here to see any upcoming Camotes Freediving competitions!



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