Arnaud Jerald

Arnaud Jerald

Arnaud Jarald discovered snorkeling thanks to spearfishing at the age of 7 alongside his father. At 16, he participated in his first freediving course in Marseille.

Rising star in freediving, Arnaud started competing in 2017, a year crowned with the title of champion of France and a bronze medal at the European Championships. That same year, he reached -100m with a monofin for the first time in the harbor of Villefranche, on July 25.

The following year, at 22, his talent and determination earned him a silver medal at the World Championships in the two-fins category, with a dive at -101m. In September, he signed a new French record at -102m by exploding his own brand (-92m)

On May 20, 2019, Arnaud obtains the world record for freediving in constant weight bi-fins by descending to 108 meters deep in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) during the Russian Championships by breaking the previous record held by his host and sponsor, Russian freediver Alexey Molchanov.

During Vertical Blue 2021 Arnaud reclaimed his World Record title by diving to 116m and 117m but Alexey Molchanov then set a new one to 118m. This friendly competition between the French and Russian athletes will continue adding excitement to this discipline of freediving.

He has set 3 French National Record in CWT bi-fins (-83m, -92m, -102m).

He is currently freediving fulltime and do check him out in his pages:

Some of his achievements over the years include:

New World Record Holder -117m CWTB
World Record 2021 -116m CWTB
World Record 2020 -112m CWTB
World Record 2019 -108m CWTB
Silver Medal at World Championships 2018 CWTB
Bronze Medal at World Championships 2019 CWT
Gold Medal at French National Championships 2019 CWTB
Gold Medal at French National Championships 2017 CWTB
Bronze Medal at European Championships 2017 CWTB
Silver Medal at Nice Abyss Contest 2019 CWT
Silver Medal at Nice Abyss Contest 2017 CWT
7 x National Records CWTB (-83m, -92m, -102m, -108m, -112m, -116m, -117m)