black noseclip and blue eq trainer tool
close up of gold noseclip with golden padding
blue noseclip with blue padding and blue necklace
close up of blue, gold and red noseclip
five EQ trainer tools in a variety of colors (white, yellow, red, purple, blue)
close up of blue EQ trainer tool

A6063 Noseclip + EQ Trainer Bundle

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Being stuck at home and away from the water is no excuse to take a break from training! With our A6063 Noseclip and EQ Trainer in your freediving gear bag, you can stretch, strengthen, and train your glottis and soft palate muscles for a better mouthfill, Frenzel, and reverse packing technique from anywhere in the world (even your bed)!
The lightweight A6063 Noseclip is made with an aerospace aluminum alloy and anodized with one of four signature Molchanovs colors to protect from corrosion. The single-cable attachment allows for tighter compression of the sides of the noseclip and is 50% thinner than previous models. The central bar has no teeth, which means that the sides of the noseclip can be locked in any position.

The EQ Trainer is an amazing way to work on your equalization even when the water is miles away. Strengthen, stretch, and train the glottis and soft palate muscles. Practice your mouthfill progression and reverse packing. Go deeper!
A6063 Noseclip
  • Material: Aerospace aluminum alloy (A6063)
  • Surface finished with a deep anodizing process (40-50 µm layer)
  • Felt pads connected by 3M glue (extra set of pads included in all purchases)
  • Lightweight nylon weave cord

EQ Trainer
  • Material: High-density polyethylene
  • Comes with two balloons

Technical specifications

A6063 Noseclip
  • Dimensions:
    • S / M: 23x45x29.5mm (0.9x1.75x1.16in)
    • M / L: 26x47x29.5mm (1.02x1.85x1.16in)
  • Colors:
    • S / M: Fire Coral, Gili Gold
    • M / L: Dean’s Blue, Manta Black
  • Weight: 16g (0.06oz)

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