Molchanovs Deep Week: Amed, Bali [Sold Out]
Molchanovs Deep Week: Amed, Bali [Sold Out]
Molchanovs Deep Week: Amed, Bali [Sold Out]
Molchanovs Deep Week: Amed, Bali [Sold Out]
Molchanovs Deep Week: Amed, Bali [Sold Out]
Molchanovs Deep Week: Amed, Bali [Sold Out]
Molchanovs Deep Week: Amed, Bali [Sold Out]
Molchanovs Deep Week: Amed, Bali [Sold Out]

Molchanovs Deep Week: Amed, Bali [Sold Out]

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Get ready summer in tranquil Amed, Bali with Molchanovs

Deep Week is back! From the 18th to the 25th of August, Alexey Molchanov and Adam Stern are bringing the best freedivers, instructors, and experts from all over the world to come together to share knowledge and learn from each other. 

This training week is suitable for freedivers of any level, from the most beginner, to professional. The training is focused on the individual, and freedive instructors with different areas of expertise will be there to help you get the most out of Deep Week. Freediving courses of all levels will also available, running during the camp. 

The daily schedule will look something like this, with a choice of 3 different workshops running during the 8.30am and 3pm time slots. 

7.00am: Yoga
8.30am: Workshops
10.30am: Depth Training
3.00pm: Workshops and Dry Training
5.30pm: Yoga or Strength & Conditioning

The cost of the camp is 649 euro, which includes all training and certification costs. It is not inclusive of travel, accommodation, and gear hire. A non-refundable deposit of 160 euro will be required to reserve a spot in Deep Week, and complete payment should be made no later than the 18th of July.

Additional Activities

On some days, when there is no depth training (or if you want to take a break!), fun dives can be arranged on your own, or with local operators. Here are some of the many other things you can do in your free time!

Wreck Diving: 

There are 3 wrecks in the vicinity of Amed. The USAT Liberty wreck, the KUBU wreck, and Japanese wreck. There are also stunning coral reefs and beautiful blue water with 20-30 m visibility! 

Manta Day Trips:

Just a short drive and boat ride from Amed there is Nusa Penida, one of the best places on the Earth to dive with manta rays. The trip costs about 72 euro per person.

Bluewater spearfishing:

Fusion Spearfishing offers spearfishing to the numerous Rumpongs (fish aggregating devices) not far from Amed.

Diving Conditions

The conditions in Amed are pleasant, with surface water temperature between 27-29°C. Diving from the shore is easy, with depths of up to 50m just a short swim away. There is no thermocline, and no ocean currents.

To be prepared for dives, please bring along a mask, a wetsuit (1.5mm or 3mm), bifins or monofin (or both!), weightbelt, weight, and lanyards.

Some additional items you might want to consider are coral shoes, raincoats, and insect repellent.

Getting Around

Amed is a small diving town in northeastern Bali, about a three-hour drive from Denpasar airport. You can get a taxi from the airport to your hotel in Amed for about 500 000 IDR, roughly 35 euro. We can also arrange a transfer to/from airport for you.

Getting around Amed is relatively easy. There are restaurants and mini-marts walking distance to most of the accommodation options, if not, join the locals by renting a scooter! They are reasonably priced, at under 5 euros a day. 


There is plentiful accommodation in Amed, with a wide range of price options. There are bungalows and rooms along the beach. Prices range from 7 to 35 euro per night. For 14 euro you a night you can get a nice private room with air conditioning, private bathroom, and a queen size bed. A full list of accommodation near the dive center will be provided upon booking. For an idea of what to expect, check out the following. Prices listed approximate, for one person per night. 

Budget (7-14 euro)

  • Pacha hostel
  • Dharma Yoga
  • Sunrise café & bungalows
  • Warung Pantai
  • Teman Teman
  • Geria Geri Shanti

Mid-range (20-25 euro)

  • Pakel’s Villas
  • Amed Cafe
  • Pondok Laut
  • Kembali beach bungalows
  • Ganesha
  • Jukung Bali

High end (40+ euro)

  • Casa de Amed
  • Villa Disana
  • Life in Amed
  • The Griya
  • Santai

If you choose to pay online, please create an account with your contact email, and the Molchanovs Team will be in touch for more details! 

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Jin by email at 

We hope to see you out there in the big blue!