Alexey Molchanov

Freediving World Champion, Co-founder, CEO, and Instructor Trainer Developer

Alexey's love of freediving was sparked by his mother, Natalia Molchanova. Today he carries on her work in the freediving world by improving both the Molchanovs Education System and its freediving gear to continue rediscovering the human limits of breath-hold diving.

Anastasiia ‘Asya’ Kleshchevnikova

Customer Service and Dealer Sales Logistics Manager

After getting financial education and working in reinsurance companies like Hannover Re and in the Central Bank of Russia, Asya decided to break free from offices and daily routines. Freediving amazed her with the philosophy and people, and it gave her a multitude of travel possibilities. Her hobbies are visiting world freediving competitions and writing reports on them. Asya’s favorite part of freediving is observing bubbles of air ascending in rays of sunlight.

Aleksandr Bogdashkin

Social Media Manager

Since childhood, Aleksandr loved sports, especially swimming. He learned about freediving while studying at university with Natalia Molchanova, and fell in love with the sport. For more than 5 years, Aleksandr has been engaged in freediving. He is a member of the Russian national team and has also been conducting basic training and freediving courses for more than 4 years. He is now a Molchanovs instructor.

Alexey Udalykh

Moscow Warehouse and Sales Manager

Alexey is a Molchanovs Pool Instructor taught by Alexey Molchanov himself. Before freediving, he was a competitive swimmer for 11 years, of which 5 of those years included freediving. He was also a Russian national medalist, World Cup participant, and is a Master of Sports of Russia at all distances in swimming. In Alexey’s free time, he enjoys visiting the gym and training static in the pool. His favorite dive spot is the White Lake in Russia.

Leonid Maksimov

Gear Development Manager

Leonid was born in Moscow, Russia. He graduated from a sports college with a specialization in “Teacher of Physical Education.” He also attended music school with a specialization in the double bass. He became a professional musician, but he had a craving for water all his life. He continued his personal development by training in the same pool as Natalia and Alexey. Since March 2020, he joined Molchanovs at the invitation of Alexey.

Katya Brezgina

Kids Program Co-Ordinator

Katya has been doing underwater sports for over 15 years. She came to the world of freediving thanks to Natalia Molchanova and Olga Lukova, and became a Molchanovs instructor in 2017. She has also been working as a children's instructor since 2013. Katya loves freediving for its versatility and opportunities for development paths. She enjoys the state of silence and tranquility arising from the depths, and wants to share it with as many people as possible. Katya is especially crazy about the underwater world of Dahab and the Maldives.

Elena Sukhinina

Russian Instructors Community Manager

Elena has an educational background in social psychology and TV directing, and is now the coordinator of the Natalia Molchanova Freediving School in Moscow, St.Petersburg, and Dahab, Egypt. She is the leading Molchanovs children's freediving instructor and takes an active part in the development and popularization of children’s freediving in Russia. Elena is a Molchanovs freediver and has been freediving since 2016. She loves to travel and has been to 24 countries, and takes up report photography as a professional hobby.

Galina Serova

Russian Copywriter

Galina fell in love with freediving in 2011 in Dahab, Egypt. She has participated in both Molchanovs and AIDA training courses, and in 2019, she became an AIDA International judge. Since 2012, Galina has been writing about freediving for freedivers and translating Molchanovs texts from English into Russian.

Mila Litvinova

Technical & Communication Support Admin / Russian Translation

Mila was born in Russia, and since early childhood, she has dreamed of becoming a great and brilliant artist, like the impressionists. Her love for English led to the university, where she received a master's degree in foreign languages. The passion for freediving arose within her at lightning speed during a period of life changes. Freediving is beyond age, temper, character, fashion, politics and stock markets. It is the way to stay oneself, take a deep look inside, and once again find a new philosophy. Freediving is a unique and fascinating activity, and it reveals all the beauty and fragility of the underwater world. Freediving is space, alluring and mysterious.


Chris Kim

Co-founder and former CEO, and Instructor Trainer Developer

After a 20 year career in technology firms such as Yahoo!, Google, and Facebook, Chris describes himself as a recovering lawyer. Today, he dedicates himself to his family, freediving, and spreading the love of freediving through Molchanovs by helping to build freediving communities all over the world.

Kohei Ueno

Creative Content Contributor

Kohei was born in Japan, grew up in Singapore, and a permanent resident of Australia where he worked as a breakdance instructor, a stunt man, direct sales at Google, and now a Molchanovs freediving instructor. He started freediving in 2015 and has been an active contributor for Molchanovs since the beginning of 2017 working in various areas including the backend, basetraining, educational materials and creative contents. Today he continues to spread the beauty of the ocean and the intricacy of this sport as a freedive instructor, freedive photographer, and a creative member for the Molchanovs marketing team, while leading the community development of Singapore and Asia.

Rest of the World

Alisa Root

Head of Marketing & Operations

Alisa followed the call of the ocean after an almost decade-long corporate career in Germany. She loves everything on and below the water. She dedicated her time to sharing her love of freediving with the world by teaching it and by supporting its growth through Molchanovs. When she is not diving below the surface of the ocean, she is spending time on its surface swimming or sailing. Alisa is fascinated by the stillness of the ocean below the sometimes turbulent surface. The same analogy goes for the mind. As a meditation and yoga teacher, she is supporting people in accessing that stillness.

María Antonia ‘Marianto’ Vergara Borrero

Program Coordinator and Community Manager

Marianto grew up in a country where she could dive in two oceans in one day, and some of her earliest memories include dive gear and beach adventures. In 2017, a three month holiday turned into three years abroad working in outdoor education and as a freediving instructor. Marianto is an ocean-lover who enjoys sharing her passion with everyone in the community.

Oli Christen-Drew

Instructor Trainer Developer, Movement Board Member, and Wave Chair

Born in 1973 in Bern, Switzerland, Oli obtained a master’s degree in psychology at the University of Bern while also pursuing a career in handball. After extensive travels through Australia and Southeast Asia, Oli moved in 2011 to Indonesia to start Freedive Flow, which he developed into a leading freediving school for professional training. In this time, he also wrote the original education manuals for AIDA. He is now a Molchanovs Instructor Trainer Developer and the Chair of the Wave Board.

Katerina Kashevnik

Head of design.

She has a strong passion for a design and art. Bringing her talent and knowledge to Molchanovs, she helps to develop a strong brand and world class equipment.

Katerina is based in Malta and can’t live without the sea outside of her window. She finds an inspiration in underwater world, in the silence and calmness of freediving.

Irina Veverka

Logistics and Supply Manager

Irina has worked at since the beginning. She is a Molchanovs Instructor and has been an Apnea Academy freediving instructor since 2012. She is also a Master of Sports in the Russian Freediving Federation and a Global Underwater Explorers diver. She holds the bronze medal from the 2011 AIDA World Championships in Greece in the no fins (CNF) category and participated in the 2016 AIDA Team Competition. Above the water, Irina is a mom of three kids.


Finance & Accounting Manager

Olivia is a business operations hacker and enjoys meddling with technology to improve processes and productivity, especially for small businesses. This led her to publish a book titled “Unbusy Entrepreneur – How to unlock your time and make more money” in 2015. She joined Molchanovs at the beginning of 2019 to help improve the financial health and operational processes of the organisation.

Vika Li

China Growth Manager

Vika Lijingzhe has been freediving since 2015 and is deeply in love with the sport. She is now the instructor trainer of Molchanovs and is also a competitive freediver. Join molchanovs in 2019, responsible for Chinese translation of teaching materials and websites, help develop in China and let more Chinese freedivers join molchanovs family

Kristina Zvaritch

English Copywriter & Proofreader

Kris is a freediving instructor currently based in Xiao Liuqiu, Taiwan. When she is not pretending to be a mermaid with her monofin in the water, she writes freediving articles for and struggles to learn Mandarin on land. Kris has consistently made sure to live near the water in the US, Egypt, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan, and is terrified of cold water temperatures. When she has free time, she enjoys training for depth, solo backpacking, and reading historical fiction.



Vitomir Maričić

Freediving World Record Holder, Instructor Trainer Developer, and Movement Board Member

Vitomir’s freediving journey is anything but boring. As a professional athlete, he constantly runs between competitions in the pool during the winter season and depth competitions during the summer season. Running courses fills all of the spots between his training, as well as helping to grow the best freediving training platform as Base Training contributor. He also helps update the Wave manuals with the most recent research information and experience.

Matthieu Duvault

Freediving Canadian National Record Holder, Instructor Trainer, and Base Training Contributor

Based in the Yucatán Peninsula, home of the magical cenotes, Matt dedicates his time between education with his freediving school in Tulum, traveling for competitions, and sharing his view of the underwater world through photography. His love for functional fitness and deep freediving, especially with bifins, took him to his first national record within a few years, proudly representing the new generation of competitive Canadian freedivers.

Thibault Guignes

8x Freediving French National Record Holder, Instructor Trainer Developer, and Movement Board Member

Thibault is a competitive freediver specializing in depth and mental preparation. He holds the French national record for free immersion (FIM) to 117m (384ft). As a Molchanovs Instructor Trainer, Thibault has taught hundreds of students and instructors. He is the founder of Freedive HQ and co-founder and owner of Camotes Freediving in the Philippines.

Adam Stern

Australian Freediving National Champion and Founding Team Member, and Instructor Trainer Developer

Adam fell so deeply in love with freediving that, within 7 years, he went from a beginner to a national champion and started his own freediving YouTube channel. Today, he teaches freediving to people from all over the world and helps shape the Molchanovs education system by sharing his teaching and freediving expertise.

Florian Dagoury

Molchanovs Base Training Contributor

In love with the underwater world, florian freedive and scuba dive in the country of smiles. Leaving in Thailand since 2012, he is the owner of the well-known freediving school Blue Immersion where he teaches beginner to instructor courses. Florian can freedive 90m deep, 200m dynamic bi-fins but his absolute favorite is the Static Apnea discipline.

Daniel Arias

Translation Program Assistant

Freediving Instructor Trainer and competitor holding multiple national and Panamerican depth records, being one of the few men in the region to reach 100m. A thirst for knowledge and methodologies for training and teaching has led him to have an extensive career with various freediving agencies. He is also a Hatha Yoga teacher and runs his school in Chile, SoloApnea, which organized freediving trips and events in all of Latin America.

Maria Noella Zosa (Wei)

Ambassador Team Manager

Maria Noella Zosa is the number one ranked Freediver in the Philippines for the women’s division. She has been diving since 2016 and has blazed her way to the top of the national leaderboards, and holds an number of National Records.