Alexey Molchanov

Freediving World Champion, Co-founder, and CEO

Alexey's love of freediving was sparked by his mother, Natalia Molchanova. Today he carries on her work in the freediving world by improving both the Molchanovs Education System and its freediving gear to continue rediscovering the human limits of breath-hold diving.

Anastasiia Kleshchevnikova

After getting financial education and working in reinsurance companies like Hannover Re and in the Central Bank of Russia, Asya decided to break free from offices and daily routines. Freediving amazed her with the philosophy and people, and it gave her a multitude of travel possibilities. Her hobbies are visiting world freediving competitions and writing reports on them. Asya’s favorite part of freediving is observing bubbles of air ascending in rays of sunlight.

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