The newest version of the SPORT Wetsuit 3mm Outside-Lined is designed specifically for freedivers who train in chilly waters. Whether you are a recreational freediver, instructor, or someone who frequently trains in water cooler than 27°C (81°F), warmth and freedom of movement are this wetsuit’s top priorities.

3mm of open cell neoprene clings to your skin, preventing water from flowing in and out and slowing down heat loss.

Stretchy neoprene and an open cell interior allow the wetsuit to easily move with you, giving you the flexibility you need for every freediving discipline.

A highly elastic fabric exterior provides scratch resistance and protection against damaging UV rays. Reinforced seams protect against fraying at the wrist, ankle, and face cuffs.

This wetsuit is the classic choice for freediving, yet it can also be used for scuba diving, surfing, wakeboarding, and more.

Open cell wetsuits must be put on in water or with lubricant. Recommended temperatures for freediving and other water sports differ due to the level of activity. If you do not tolerate cold easily or are spending an extended amount of time in the water, refer to the warmer temperatures in the ranges below.

Freediving: 24 - 27°C (75 - 81°F)
Other water activities: 22 - 27°C (72 - 81°F)

Wetsuit tops and pants can be purchased in separate sizes.