Feel peace of mind on your line dives with the PRO Freediving Lanyard 2. A large Italian-made, stainless steel carabiner with KeyLock technology removes any sharp edges and unnecessary snagging on the dive line. The weight of the carabiner allows it to freefall slightly ahead of you instead of behind you, giving you less chances of entanglement at the lanyard stopper. Two stainless steel rotation points keep the nylon-coated, stainless steel wire streamlined throughout the dive.

The PRO Freediving Lanyard 2 comes with an updated dense nylon wrist/ankle cuff with premium velcro covering the entire length of it, and includes a large quick-release tab for a firmer grip. The D-ring is smaller than our previous lanyard with an updated location, allowing for a flat positioning of the wire next to the arm on ascent and descent. With three classic color combinations and the sleek Molchanovs double-stripe logo embroidered directly into the cuff, the minimalistic style is a welcome addition to any freediving setup.