Molchanovs Freediving Education

Natalia Molchanova, the greatest freediver who ever lived, created a freediving education system to take a beginner, step by step, to an elite freediver.
Natalia’s aspiration was always to strive for safe and efficient freediving, and to achieve this through the provision of education and training, and the world’s best freediving equipment. Everything we create now is based on this philosophy and strategy, but with the latest developments in education, technology, and scientific research. We are inspired and honored to have had Natalia as our founder. Without her, the Molchanovs Movement would not exist today.

Molchanovs Freediving Education can take you from learning the basics of freediving through to an elite competition freediver. There are four open water course levels, each of which is known as a Wave. All levels are also available as Lap courses. Lap courses cover the same theory and pool requirements as the corresponding Wave course but do not include open water sessions. Therefore, a Lap certification only certifies you to freedive in a pool. It does not certify you to freedive to depth in open water. You can easily convert a Lap certification to the corresponding Wave certification at a later date by adding the open water sessions.

Your learning for each Wave / Lap starts with our online course on your Freediver Dashboard which features content from some of the best freedivers in the world, including world champion Alexey Molchanov. Qualified Molchanovs instructors then take you through this learning and help you develop your understanding and practical skills. Once you have completed a Wave / Lap course, you can continue your training and track your progress by joining the Molchanovs Movement. This is a global freediving community founded on the philosophy and strategies of Natalia Molchanova and is a place to share knowledge, skills, and experiences with other freedivers. Training programs for freedivers of all levels are published on a weekly basis, to help you progress through your learning and develop your freediving skills.

We believe the best way to learn to freedive is through us. Find a Molchanovs instructor here or take your freediving journey to the next level and become a Molchanovs instructor or instructor trainer yourself. Email us at for more information or if you have any questions.

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Online T1/T2/T3/T4 – Theory Courses

Get started with your freediving without getting wet! You can complete the theory section of any course level online with any of our certified instructors. In this course, you’ll get access to our course manual, online content, and take part in small online classes with a Molchanovs instructor. A Molchanovs instructor will be able to give you direct feedback, cover all our theory sections, go over all relaxation and breathing techniques (so-called “dry skills”) with you and introduce you to your first breath holds. Once finished, you will take an online exam to receive your T-certification. This will grant you access to our Dry Base Training program which is a combination of dry and equalization training to help to improve even when you don’t have access to the water.

With this certification, you are well prepared to cover your pool (Lap) and/or open water (Wave) requirements with any Molchanovs instructor. It is a perfect opportunity to get a head start for your next freediving trip, develop fine motor skills to equalize more efficiently, and prepare your body and mind best for the underwater world awaiting you!

Beginner Course

Wave 1


Advanced Course

Wave 2


Master Course

Wave 3


Competitive freediving

Wave 4


Introduction to pool freediving

Lap 1


Intermediate Pool freediving

Lap 2


Advanced Pool Freediving

Lap 3


Competitive Pool Freediving

Lap 4