Whether you are taking the subway to a pool in the city or jetting off in a boat to a dive site, transporting and keeping your gear organized just got a little easier. Introducing the Lightweight Bifins Bag 3, now a little more organized and spacious with more depth, a large inner mesh pocket, and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap.

Packs small
This roomy bag is deceptively compact, folding neatly into the bottom of your suitcase or locker.

Just shy of 600g (1.3lb), the Lightweight Bifin Bag 3’s weight is hardly noticeable in your hands or at an airport's luggage counter.

Carry your equipment in one hand, over the shoulder, or cross-body. An adjustable/removable shoulder strap can clip into four attachment points to find the best position.

Organize your gear easier with more depth. Bifins stay in place with velcro straps, while a large zippered pocket keeps your mask, wetsuit, weight belt, and other items separate.

Hidden pocket
The classic hidden pocket tucked away at the back of your bag stores your wallet, keys, and anything else that shouldn’t get wet.