The SPORT Wetsuit 2.5mm is designed specifically for frequent training, making it a must-have for all levels of recreational freedivers. Very elastic fabric on both the inside and outside means more damage-resistance and less susceptibility to over-stretching. Super-stretch neoprene in between allows freedivers the flexibility and freedom to dive in the arms-up (arrow) position comfortably. Say goodbye to struggling with soap and conditioner mixtures and putting on your wetsuit in the water, as this classic two-piece wetsuit with double-lining makes it easy to slip into dry. With its versatility, it can also be used for other water sports such as surfing, wakeboarding, swimming, and more. Available in 2 classic colors.

Wetsuit tops and pants can be purchased in separate sizes.

Please note: Due to a manufacturing error, there has been a misprint on the first batch of SPORT Wetsuit 2.5mm - the inside of the wetsuit is mislabeled as a CORE wetsuit, while the outside is correctly labeled as a SPORT wetsuit.