Classical, elegant fit that creates a modern t-shirt with nostalgic undertones. 100% cotton with loving attention to detail. We are freedivers, both inside the water and outside the water. Take your wetsuit off, put your new Molchanovs Tribute to Natalia Molchanova Tee on.

This t-shirt is cut from a lightweight, premium cotton to underline your silhouette. A high-quality thread that is stable and resistent to stretch so it will keep its shape yet feels soft and pleasant on your skin. We have selected the color black for this t-shirt, elegance that never gets old.

The t-shirt reflects the subtle yet stylish Molchanovs design with loving attention to the detail. Alexey Molchanov dedicated the same focus and perfectionism into this t-shirt line that he applies to his dives. Comfortable, elegant neck and sleeve design, color-matching jacquard, Molchanovs tag on the side. Designed to show your love for freediving.

The Molchanovs brand identity is built into this t-shirt, not only through the logo and choice of colors, but most significantly through the submerged Molchanovs icon surrounded by bubbles. The famous quote from Natalia Molchanova is imprinted on the back side and in the neck of this t-shirt.

Designed, cut and sewn in Moscow, Russia, the birthplace of Molchanovs Freediving.