Description PRO Bifins 3 Carbon

The PRO Bifins 3 Carbon are the premium all-around carbon bifins - ideal for fun diving, training, and competition use. Lightweight foot pockets are assembled by hand to stay gentle on your feet and are paired with high-quality featherlight carbon blades. The Molchanovs Education System prioritizes power on the bifin back kick, so we updated the blade-layering pattern, added size-graded blades, and increased the blade angle - all to contribute to a more impactful front and back bifinning technique. Efficiency, customization, and comfort are now all wrapped up in a sleek little package. Available in 5 vibrant accent colors.

Choose between standard or custom sizes.

For freedivers who want premium bifins specifically for competition performances, we recommend the PRO Hyper Bifins in carbon or fiberglass.

Comfortable hand-built foot pockets
While most foot pockets are created from a mold in a factory, our PRO foot pockets, with their original pointed design, are assembled by hand from different pieces of rubber and soft micropore. This makes them ultra-comfortable and gentle on your feet. Additionally, stiffer rubber on the upper part of the foot pockets, paired with the glued connection to the blade, enhances energy transfer, making you more 'one' with your blade.

Superior carbon fiber
100% premium carbon fiber blades - the same carbon used in multiple world-record bifin dives - are featherlight in water and give recreational and competitive freedivers effortless and springy kicks. Now with an updated blade-layering pattern for each blade size to match the stiffness.

Size-graded blades
Blade sizes are now tailored to your height - freedivers on the shorter or lighter side have more maneuverability and save power on each kick with shorter blades, while freedivers on the taller or heavier side have longer blades for more efficient kicks.

Larger blade angle
The blade angle is now 28° – this increased angle makes your front kicks feel more effortless while enhancing the power of your back kick by promoting a better streamlined position. Additionally, it compensates for less flexible feet and ankles.

New double-sided design
The unmistakable minimalistic stripes on the front of the blades are now complemented by the 'molchanovs' text on the back, matching the chosen blade accent color for an even more striking design.