The same classic equipment you love, but with a special design. Acknowledging history is important when building a future, which is why we created Cyprus special edition equipment: to help freedivers memorialize significant moments that transpired in freediving past. Cyprus is the home of notable moments in history, such as the Natalia Molchanova’s first national record and the first CWT dive to go beyond the 100m (328ft) barrier, among others. The design on the fiberglass blades feature a depth map of Limassol, Cyprus, and the exact spot where the 2021 AIDA Depth World Championship will take place. Become a part of freediving history with the special edition Cyprus 2021 CB2 Fiberglass.

The CB2 Fiberglass blades are made with UHC Fiber, a high-performance fiberglass. These limited edition bifins are only available to order during the 2021 AIDA Depth World Championship in Cyprus and never to be released again. Design updates to the blade include a unique bottleneck shape, resulting in more power due to their efficient transition in the water. Other updates include a “wave” layering structure, creating a more efficient and responsive movement throughout the kick cycle. The new generation of lightweight Molchanovs Hand-Built Foot Pockets contains updated Comfort Lining and increased toe space for added relief, and are heavy-duty and UV-resistant. Built-in arch support keeps the feet in the perfect position to maximize small-muscle use and minimize drag. Available in standard EU sizes and custom sizes.