Put the pleasure back into training and fun diving with the CORE Silicone Monofin. Constructed to look as good as it feels with captivating curves and a minimalistic Molchanovs logo on the foot pockets. Ideal for all levels of freedivers who want to effectively train their monofin technique or want to experience the power of a monofin before committing to purchase premium equipment such as the PRO Monofin 4 Fiberglass or the PRO Monofin 4 Carbon. The CORE Silicone Monofin is also ideal for mermaids who require more performance, speed, and a sense of security inside of their mermaid tail.

The silicone blade has a large surface area for more power, yet is smaller and more affordable than a composite freediving monofin. Four blade rails are evenly distributed across the CORE Silicone Monofin blade to create stability. Additionally, a semi-rigid foot pocket-to-blade connection makes learning the coordination and balance of the monofin technique much more effective than with bifins.

Foot pockets on the CORE Silicone Monofin are modeled after our lightweight bifin foot pocket. Anatomically-designed open-heel straps provide maximum support, arch support delivers optimum foot positioning, and a 100% hypoallergenic silicone construction makes for comfortable wear over long periods of time. Accommodates both narrow and wide feet due to the flexibility of the silicone.

Discover the exhilarating joy of monofin diving and train your monofin technique to perfection with the CORE Silicone Monofin.