Stop hunting for towels and changing rooms as soon as you get out of the water! The Lightweight Poncho Towel is a must-have accessory for freedivers and anyone who spends time in the water. Perfect for warm weather and essential for windy boat rides, all while taking up virtually no space in your bag. Dry off instantly with the unique microfiber blend and change anytime, anywhere, and always in style in 3 signature colors.

Portable changing room
Towel, coverup, and changing room - all in one. Slip out of your wetsuit and into the poncho, dry yourself off, and then tuck your arms into the extra-wide sleeve openings to change into dry clothes, all without breaking a sweat.

Made for the tropics
Moisture-absorbent microfiber easily absorbs up to 2x its weight in water and quick-drying, yet is still thin and breathable enough to keep you from overheating under the hot sun or in humid weather.

Wind protection
The double-layered hood quickly absorbs water from dripping-wet hair and protects your ears on boat rides and in windy weather.

So light and compact that you’ll forget you have it - this microfiber material weighs in at only 800g (1.7lb) and packs away easily in your luggage or bag.

Minimalistic design
Your style stays simple and classy with a single, solid color design. The front features the iconic Molchanovs logo while the back contains 3 small freediving icons and a Natalia Molchanova quote: “Switch from aim of depth in freediving to what you feel underwater.”

Please note: The off-white poncho has a slightly sheer quality, and brightly colored bathing suits may be subtly visible through the fabric. For full coverage, choose the black / white print or light blue/ white print color combination.