Details and Materials

  • Material: 100% silicone
  • Hypoallergenic and UV-resistant
  • Designed for all water temperatures
  • Can withstand -30°C (-22°F) temperatures without deforming
  • Increased big toe space for added comfort
  • Arch support maintains optimum position of the foot during the kick stroke for maximum efficiency
  • Open-heel foot pocket provides the optimal foot position for swimming
  • Anatomical shape of the foot pocket strap designed for better fit over the Achilles tendon and offers maximum support
  • Semi-rigid connection between foot pockets for efficient dolphin kick training
  • Four blade rails with specific curvature profile and stiffness distribution, making them more efficient and stable with the least amount of effort
  • Minimalistic design with the Molchanovs logo embossed on each foot pocket

Technical specifications

  • Total Length (depending on size): 54cm (21.3in)
  • Blade Width: 50cm (19.7in)
  • Weight (depending on size): 1.4 - 2.1kg (3.1 - 4.6lb)
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, White