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About the Base Training Community

Freediving is a lifestyle. Divers improve by consistent training, and training requires community. Because of this, Molchanovs has created the first ever global freediving program to empower local communities to train like the world's best freedivers.

To be admitted to the Base Training Community, you must either complete a Molchanovs Freediving Course or be invited to the community by a Molchanovs Instructor who has assessed your abilities. Contact us at for more information, or to find an instructor near you.

The Base Training has 3 components: the Workout of the Week, the Benchmark Workouts and Badges.

Workout of the Week (WOW)

Every week, the Training Tzars (which will include some of the world's top freedivers such as Alexey Molchanov, Goran Čolak and Adam Stern) will deliver WOW - a freediving workout plan for the week for each Base Training level with specific exercises for Pool, Open Water, Dry Training and Equalization

You can scale the training to a level that is appropriate for you but every freediver around the world will do the same training together as a global freediving community. We will stay connected through the platform to share ideas, discuss training and report our improvements.

Come train with the world's best freedivers!

The first WOW will be published in the Community on September 9, 2018. 

Benchmark Workouts

Benchmark Workouts are universal. They are an important measuring stick for readiness for the next level, as well as a different way to compete and challenge yourself in other than the pure disciplines.

Sweet 16s, 500 meter over/unders, 50 meter Tortuga Races, for more information on Benchmark Workouts, check in with your local Molchanovs Instructor.


Badges recognize milestones in your freediving journey. Some are performance based (such as the Benchmark Badges and the Complete Freediver Badges) but others are just interesting, meaningful or fun challenges and accomplishments. For a list of badges, click here.

Badges are awarded to community members by your local participating Molchanovs Instructors.