The Origins of Excellence

Natalia Molchanova and her son, Alexey Molchanov, both successful world champion freedivers and record holders established Molchanovs in 2010.

The Molchanovs brand is the result of a joint research program, which is still ongoing to this day. The aim is to create the highest quality equipment that exceeds the expectations of the very best freedivers in the world. The champions need ergonomic, highly efficient equipment to discover and to push past their limits, which Molchanovs set out to provide.

Today Molchanovs is well established in the freediving community, known not only for quality equipment, but also expertise in freediving training and coaching.

Natalia Molchanova

Natalia, with a total of 42 world records, remains as the world's most titled freediver ever. She won a total of 22 individual gold medals and 2 team gold medals at Freediving World Championships during the span of her career.

On 25th September 2009, she became the first woman ever to pass 100 meters depth on breath hold in Constant Weight, with a dive to 101 meters. She achieved world records in all freediving disciplines. 

She shared her passion and knowledge of freediving to thousands through her courses and to her university students in Moscow. She led research into a freediver's response and was interested in relaxation techniques and other knowledge that she found useful for improving freediver's performance and safety. 

She is the author of many articles, books and other educational materials on freediving, and much of her work had been translated English. She designed and established educational programs for the beginner to instructor levels of the Freediving Federation, turning Russia into a freediving powerhouse. Today nearly 100 instructors share her knowledge with a new generation of freedivers.

Her life was about freediving and has passed the mantle to Alexey Molchanov continue and improve upon her efforts for safe and efficient freediving, by education plans, training regimes, and producing the best freediving equipment in the world. 

Her love and passion for the sea are reflected in her poems. Some of her poems touched her to create a short artistic movie, for which she received some festival awards.

Alexey Molchanov

A former nationally ranked swimmer, Alexey took up freediving as a teenager when his mother, the late Natalia Molchanova, fell in love with the sport. Alexey followed her footsteps and in addition to running the Russian Freediving Federation, took over the Molchanovs brand to produce some of the finest freediving gear available.

He set his first world record in 2008 in Dynamic Apnea, by swimming 250m underwater with a monofin. Since then, he focused on the depth disciplines and began to compete in the open ocean and had become the deepest man in the history of freediving multiple times, setting records all over the world. His current record was set in Baja, 2016 with a depth of 129m on a monofin. 

In total, he set five world records and has earned 15 combined gold, silver and bronze - individual and team medals at world championship events.

An instructor, entrepreneur and elite athlete, Alexey Molchanov spends his time between his homes in Moscow and Dahab, running regular training camps in Bali, Mexico and the United States, and competes all over the world. He often brings his camera and drone along with him, taking collecting memories of where he goes and what he does.