The SPORT Wetsuit 1.5mm is designed specifically for frequent training, making it a must-have for all levels of recreational freedivers. Super stretch neoprene allows freedivers the flexibility and freedom to dive in the arms-up (arrow) position comfortably. Very elastic fabric means more damage-resistance and less susceptibility to over-stretching. With reinforced seams for durability and soft face, wrist, and ankle cuffs, the SPORT 1.5mm strikes a perfect balance between durability and comfort.

One-piece wetsuits are generally recommended for pool performances since they requires less neoprene and are less buoyant, reducing the amount of lead weight needed in the pool.

Choose between single-lining and double-lining. Single-lined wetsuits have fabric inside and Glideskin outside for a more hydrodynamic effect. Double-lined wetsuits have fabric both outside and inside for added resilience.

The two-piece variation comes in 3 options: hooded for open water diving and thermal protection for the head, hoodless for pool training, and sleeveless for diving in especially warm waters. Please note that sleeveless wetsuits may leak at the arm cutouts; to avoid this, choose a custom-made sleeveless wetsuit with a sport fit. Wetsuit tops and pants can be purchased in separate sizes.

Available in standard and custom sizes. Standard wetsuit tops and pants can be purchased in separate sizes.