Short Bifins Backpack + CORE Silicone Bifins + Mask + Snorkel Bundle
Short Bifins Backpack + CORE Silicone Bifins + Mask + Snorkel Bundle
Short Bifins Backpack + CORE Silicone Bifins + Mask + Snorkel Bundle
Short Bifins Backpack + CORE Silicone Bifins + Mask + Snorkel Bundle
Short Bifins Backpack + CORE Silicone Bifins + Mask + Snorkel Bundle
Short Bifins Backpack + CORE Silicone Bifins + Mask + Snorkel Bundle

Short Bifins Backpack + CORE Silicone Bifins + Mask + Snorkel Bundle

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Freediving basics for every level.
No matter which level of freediver you are, you’ll always need the basics in your ‘freediving closet’ for your pool diving in the city or your open water dives at the seaside - the low-volume Molchanovs Freediving Mask, flexible Freediving Snorkel, versatile CORE Silicone Bifins, and convenient Short Bifins Backpack. Bundle up and save on everything you need for your next freediving adventure.
Short Bifins Backpack

The lightweight and compact-but-roomy Short Bifins Backpack is a universal training bag for short fins and other freediving gear. Ideal for effortless transportation of short fins with reinforced blade tip protection and straps to keep fins in the most secure position in transit. Multiple zippered pockets and a roomy mesh inner compartment keep your wetsuit, mask, snorkel, weight belt, towel, and other gear organized.

CORE Silicone Bifins

The CORE Silicone Bifins are ideal training fins for all levels of freedivers, assisting in forming the perfect foundation of technique which later optimizes efficiency in performances with longer blades. Arch support keeps feet in the optimal position during kick cycles to provide maximum efficiency and the open-heel is anatomically designed for a comfortable fit.

CORE Freediving Mask

The CORE Freediving Mask is made from soft silicone for flexibility and comfort. A durable plastic frame, wide range of vision, low-volume, and an easily adjustable strap ensures comfort and easy equalization. Four different color combinations and an elegant design guarantees a polished look that is perfect for underwater photos.

Sizing note: The CORE Freediving Mask measures 14cm (5.5in) from temple to temple and may be too narrow for freedivers with wider faces.

CORE Freediving Snorkel

The CORE Freediving Snorkel is the simple solution you need for comfort and reliability at sea. Created from soft, non-toxic silicone, lightweight, and designed specifically for your favorite underwater sport.
Short Bifins Backpack
  • Material: Nylon 420D SP604
  • Sturdy fabric and water-resistant print for extra durability
  • Stitched with reinforced thread for stronger seams
  • Updated M-stripe design
  • Opens 180° for easy access to equipment and the option to be used as a changing mat
  • Integrated foam pockets for protecting fragile fin tips
  • Inner velcro strap to keep your bifins in the most secure position in transit
  • Separate mesh compartment for additional equipment
  • Inside zippered pocket for smaller items
  • Secure outside zippered pocket for easy access to wallet, keys, etc.
  • Comfortable backpack-style straps and a detachable shoulder strap to carry over the shoulders
  • Rigid side handle for easy carrying and a standard top handle for hanging
CORE Silicone Bifins
  • Hypoallergenic and UV-resistant silicone
  • Designed for all water temperatures
  • Can withstand -30°C (-22°F) temperatures without deforming
  • Arch support maintains correct position of the foot during the kick stroke for maximum efficiency
  • Open-heel foot pocket provides the optimal foot position for swimming
  • Anatomical shape of the back strap designed for better fit over the Achilles tendon and offers maximum support
  • Eight blade rails with specific curvature profile and stiffness distribution similar to the CB2, making them more efficient and stable with the least amount of effort
  • Molchanovs minimalistic design
CORE Freediving Mask
  • Material: Soft silicone skirting with an easily adjustable strap
  • Durable plastic frame
  • Clear resin lenses


Short Bifins Backpack
  • Size: 70 x 32 x 7cm (28 x 13 x 3in)
  • Weight: 0.7kg (1.5lb)
  • Colors:
    • Blue with black stripe
    • Black with white stripe
CORE Silicone Bifins
  • Total Length: 58cm / 22.8in (depending on foot pocket size)
  • Blade Length: 30cm / 11.8in (from the angle of the blade to the tip)
  • Blade Width: 20cm / 7.9in
  • Weight (one pair of fins): 1.6-1.8kg (3.5-4lb)
  • Colors: Black, Blue, White
CORE Freediving Mask
  • Weight: 270g (0.6lb)
  • Colors: Black/Black, Black/Clear, White/White, White/Clear, Blue/Blue, Blue/Clear
CORE Freediving Snorkel
  • Material: Soft silicone
  • Weight: 125g (0.28lb)
  • Colors: Black, White, Blue
Short Bifins Backpack   CORE Silicone Bifins