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Monofin S2 - EU 35-36, 1H

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Molchanovs S2 Monofin, ready made with green wings and with black blade.

Footpocket sizing: approx. EU 35-36
Footpocket Length: 22cm
Footpocket Circumfrence: 21cm


Blade Stiffness: 1H 

Available now in Moscow.

Made from highest quality materials

  • Hand-made from start to finish
  • Heavy-duty, wear-resistant foot pockets
  • Soft & comfy rubber interior
  • Ultra-high compression fibreglass blades
  • Hand-layered for that unique response from the blade tip

Technical specifications

  • Blade Length: 65 cm
  • Blade Width: 70 cm
  • Weight: 4 kg

Delivery Times

All Molchanovs Custom items take 6-8 weeks for production, and 7-14 days delivery time depending on your location. Can't wait? Check out our Monofins available for delivery here.