Goran Čolak

“There are 4 criteria that define excellence in freediving equipment: Performance, quality, design and comfort. Molchanovs' equipment is outstanding in all of these criteria.”

Born in Zagreb, Goran is the champion freediver of Croatia since 2007, just one year after he started amateur competing. He started freediving as an experiment inspired by the movie Big Blue. He found his passion in it and immediately excelled in the sport.

He set 3 AIDA World Records and 9 CMAS World Records in both DYN and DNF disciplines and is the most successful athlete with 15 gold, 8 silver and 3 bronze medals from world championship events.

In 2018, during Fazza Freediving Competition, he won gold in static apnea with 11:06:04 – the competition record.

Currently, Goran coaches freediving online. Check out his facebook at @freedive.goran