Alenka Artnik

Alenka Artnik is the deepest woman in the history of competitive freediving. With the depth of 113m she set a new world record at the cmas world championship in Honduras in 2019.

Originally from Koper, Slovenia, Alenka started freediving 8 years ago. Freediving for Alenka was love at first sight. She describes the experience as not only changing her life, but also helping her grow. Every dive opens her mind and heart, giving her peace.

Her passion for freediving and hard work made her very successful in the sport. Overall she’s set 8 world records and has earned 9 combined gold and silver individual medals at world and european championship events.

She is currently employed in the ministry of internal affairs as a professional athete which allows her training full time.

Check out her facebook @alenkaartnikfreediving