Sport fiberglass monofin
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Molchanovs Sport monofin is handmade, consisting of a fiberglass blade and high quality rubber footpockets that are made to fit the new user's foot. Tight yet comfortable fit minimizes power consumption and produces maximal thrust.

Size: W : 70 cm H : 10 cm L : 70 cm
Weight: 4 kg

Who could better define the quality of an ideal sport monofin than the world record holders? Alexey Molchanov designed the monofin for training and competing in freediving and finswimming.

The supreme performance of Molchanovs sports monofins is confirmed by official world and national records on the greatest competitions. Monofin's positive buoyancy prevents them from sinking.

Molchanovs monofins are carefully hand made by experienced craftsmen.

Please measure your foot to order appropriate size from the table below. If anatomy of your foot significantly varies from the standard measures below, please write your measures and/or desires in the comments area of your order.

The blades are available in stiffness levels: 1-5.0 (soft-hard), 0.5 step, depending on your strength and thrust that you need.

Usual time from order to shipment is around 6-8 weeks. There is a high demand and because of the possibilities in blade stiffness and foot pocket sizes each monofin goes into finalization after the order is placed. We are doing our best to at least keep up with the dues. If we estimate longer shipment time, we will contact you by email within a couple of days after the order, so you know your delayed delivery date. If this would not work for you, you can cancel the order.

Full feature list: 
  • The monofin is especially designed for finswimming or freediving with minimal power input.
  • Ergonomic foot pocket design partially redistributes the load from the leg muscles on to the spine muscles.
  • Monofin's positive buoyancy prevents your valuable equipment from sinking.
  • Molchanovs sports monofin is the equipment for freediving world records.
  • 2-year limited warranty
blades – high quality fiberglass
foot pockets (check colour options) – rubber

We suggest washing off salt and keeping the fins away from the strong sun and heat.

Don't step on it or place heavy equipment on it.