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With Molchanovs pulling system it's easy to adjust the rope length: a single finger suffices for increasing the depth, and you can pull up the weights much easier and quicker, and without a worry that they may slip back into the depths. No need to worry about the knots - pulling system holds the rope firmly until you release it. This small device will make your deep diving trainings even more enjoyable.

After you try it, you will never want to go back to handle ropes any other way. Molchanovs pulling system is very valuable to freediving instructors. 

Size: W : 32 mm H : 84 mm L : 285 mm
Weight: 200 g

Changing the length of the rope usually involves adjusting knots and re-attaching the rope. This takes some effort out in open water. With Molchanovs pulling system the weights are released to the desired depth simply by a push downward on the upper end of the pulling system. The mechanism in the system allows rope moving in one direction (downward) only till we push the end downward. The moment we stop pushing, the rope stops. A gentle push suffices for adding a depth. So there is no need to fix the rope, except at its end to prevent loosing it.

Pulling up the weights after the freediving training is usually the challenge. With Molchanovs pulling system we can comfortably find a foot support above the system and start pulling up the rope on the free end's side. Simple and fast... and if you need a break, just release the rope - it won't slide back in the depths, but remain in the position for you to continue when you recover.

Molchanovs pulling system makes adjusting the depth very easy without adjusting knots or carabiner, and fast and easy pulling up the weights.

Everyone that spends any time out in the open water should have this device in addition to Molchanovs durable tubeless buoy for more safety and more pleasure.

Please watch this video to understand how it works.


Full feature list: 

Release the rope into the depth with the touch of your finger,

Pull up the rope easier and faster,

Ropes from 8 to 12 mm diameters can be used.

We suggest washing off salt after the use
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