Premium Tubeless Buoy
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Molchanovs freediving buoy is very durable and compact . It was created for a heavy duty use and has 1 year warranty. All the functional features of the earlier buoy, manufactured with strong and reliable material, were upgraded with the incorporated tube, which makes the new buoy lighter and complete. The buoy is strong to endure any adventures and to carry a long freediving rope with sufficient weight on it, plus refreshments, lanyards, etc.

Size: W : 30 cm H : 9 cm L : 30 cm
Weight: 4.6 kg

All Molchanovs Premium freediving buoys are made to last for many years of heavy duty use. We selected strong material and we weld components together to endure rough surface on the shore, and the weight of all the equipment (rope, weights, refreshments, etc.) needed for a training. In addition this buoy offers pockets for easier access of the items that you take to the open water. And the new model has carefully welded tube incorporated in the buoy. Additional advantage of this tubeless buoy is that it is easier to keep it clean because all the outer parts are easily accessible.

Two large diameter options (70 and 80 cm) provide sufficient space inside to fit in all that you and your buddies need for a safe and long freediving training or course. There are plenty of fastener loops around the perimeter to which freedivers can hold on in wind or currents, or attach to other buoys or boat. It has a lot of D-rings outside for any sort of attachments and inside for the freediving rope.

The shell of the buoy is made of strong water repelling material PVC. The joints and D-rings are welded to provide sufficient strength to carry needed weights for the dives and freediving rope. The bright color offers good visibility to any vessel. And there is a detachable top in which you can store smaller things that you want to keep at your hand.

Full feature list: 
  • Built in inner tube,
  • Fully inflated with a standard boat pump in less than a minute,
  • Reliable non-corrosive air-stop valve,
  • Lighter than the earlier tubeless model,
  • Easier to maintain it clean - no residues of sand, water, etc in the inner tube space.
  • Spacious - a special design of the upper part provides larger space inside the buoy, which can now accommodate longer rope and makes it easier to find things inside the buoy,
  • Stable - sophisticated outer shell construction reduces bounces that happen when pulling yourself on the rope from the depth,
  • Noticeable - bright warning colors make buoy apparent,
  • Heavy duty - parts of durable fabric are welded together and provide more robust and durable joints,
  • New convenient cover - there is a roomy detachable top cover where you can store things,
  •  D-rings:
    • inside - to attach the freediving rope,
    • on the outer perimeter - to bind to a buoy and/or a floating reef, a boat, etc.,
    • on the top (fasteners loops) - for comfortable and safe support after surfacing,
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Keep it away from the sun when outside water.
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