Premium Lanyard
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Safety lanyard is needed not just for the competitions, but also when the divers leave visible range of the partner/safety - and this may not be deep in reduced visibility. Lanyard's thoughtful design with swivel prevents any entanglement. The wrist cuff is easily accessible and released in the case of emergency. The lanyard features marine quality stainless steel to prevent any corrosion.

Weight: 250 g

Premium lanyard is improved older version, designed by world record deep diver Alexey Molchanov. The new design is very safe, approved and used at the world's top competitions. Marine quality stainless steel parts stand for durability and safety.

The cuff is wide and comfortable, and easy to open if necessary. The cables are available in 8 color varieties. Its length is 115 cm and it weighs 250 g. Molchanovs Premium Lanyard is the next step to your safe dives.

Full feature list: 
  • All metal parts are made of resistant marine stainless steel,
  • Approved for AIDA competitions,
  • The carabiner is shaped to glide even along very thick rope,
  • The combination of the swivel on the carabiner, the stainless steel cable and the rigid connection of the cable to the cuff prevents entanglement of the lanyard,
  • The cuff opens easily in an emergency
marine grade stainless steel
cuff made of quality sewn fabric
We suggest washing off salt after the use