Oceaner SCS Yamamoto 45
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Neat design, top quality material and premium canadian production qualifies Oceaner SCS for Molchanovs assortment. Flexible, durable and resistant to compression neoprene Yamamoto 45 that is used on Oceaner SCS competitive wetsuits offers excellent thermal protection and safe feeling at deeper dives. This wetsuit is very comfortable and the choice of world champions like Natalia and Alexey Molchanov. 

Size: W : 30 cm H : 10 cm L : 40 cm
Weight: 2 kg

This wetsuit is made of the best materials in their field: Yamamoto 45 gives wetsuits impressive strength with sufficient elasticity and unparalleled resistance to compression. Special material SCS Yamamoto (Super Composite Skin) on the outer side creates additional protection from the sun and other environmental influences, as well as it provides exceptional gliding effect under water. Biothermic inner improves already excellent neoprene's thermal protection.

Special Raglan sleeves give a great look and provide more comfort to the diver when swimming with hands in over-head position. There are no rigid seams on the shoulder. Hip/bottom area with the beaver tail are the most exposed parts, so special layers were designed. A 3 layer composite biothermic in which 2 laminated layers are nylon, is sandwiched for better strength and wear qualities. Beaver tail is fastened by a double Velcro.

Freediving wetsuits Oceaner SCS - Yamamoto 45 were created with the direct involvement of freediving world champion Alexey Molchanov.

There is a rich variety of neoprene color accents, as well as the suit colors. Suit color can be black, silver, blue, gold, red, gray, purple, yellow or green. The options for accents are: black, silver, blue, gold, red, gray, purple, yellow or green. Some of the color options may not be available at all times at the production in Canada, which may lead into a longer delivery time of which we will notify you and provide you information on current available color options.

Please note that if your chosen wetsuit color is NOT black, then its price is increased (see the drop-down list in the order form). Extra price will award you for a special color of your comfortable wetsuit.

Oceaner SCS - Yamamoto 45 is available in the following thicknesses: 3, 5 or 7 mm to suit users in various water temperatures.

Any spearfishing Oceaner SCS - Yamamoto 45 wetsuit can be additionally equipped with a set of "reinforced" lining on the knees, elbows and chest. You only need to specify the need for additional requirements in a note to the order.

Full feature list: 
  • Unique SCS creates additional outer protection and increased gliding
  • Raglan Sleeve for comfort and reduced drag in the shoulder area
  • Beaver tail with double Velcro
  • Open-cell and titanium coating for easy donning
  • Developed with the participation of world champion Alexey Molchanov
SCS Yamamoto 45
  • Avoid excessive pulling when putting wetsuit on or off. Use shampoo or similar liquid to lube the wetsuit for a smooth glide over your body.
  • Rinse the wetsuit in a fresh water after diving in the sea and then let it dry.
  • Keep it away from the sun when not in use. Avoid tight folds, except during your travel.