Nose Clip Smile
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Molchanovs nose clip is made of strong and light material Dural (aluminium, magnesium and copper alloy).  It is highly resistant to weather and mechanical damage. Anodized finish protects product from salt water and chlorine water corrosion. It is small, yet with smiley shape sufficient for comfortable wearing and doing the job.

Each nose clip is handmade and carefully checked before placed on the shelf, and equipped with a 46 cm rope.

Strong material makes this nose clip appropriate for any water sports, not just freediving.

Size: W : 39 mm H : 29 mm L : 45 mm
Weight: 7 g
Full feature list: 
  • made of high quality Dural
  • lightweight
  • handmade
Dural (alloy made of aluminium, magnesium and copper)
anodized finish
We suggest washing off salt